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WISeKey presents the Big Trust Cybersecurity initiative at the Club Malaga Valley

Geneva, Malaga, San Francisco 28 April 2014 –The Club Malaga Valley President’s meeting will be celebrated on Tuesday, April 29th, in the city of Malaga hosted by the Mayor of the city of Malaga, Mr. Francisco de la Torre under the leadership of Javier Cremades, President Malaga Valley.

This time the central theme of the sixteenth meeting of the Club will be “Defense, Security and Technology”. It will be inaugurated and presided by the Minister of Defense of Spain, Mr. Pedro Morenés and the Mayor of the City of Malaga. The Founder and CEO of WISeKey Carlos Moreira will be presenting during the event on how to enhance the present role of Malaga in relation to the Internet Security and a project which include a development of a High Security Center allowing Malaga to become a regional cybersecurity hub.

WISeKey and the OISTE Foundation will be extending to Malaga Valley members the possibility to join the initiative launched at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2014.

Under WISeKey and‘s leadership, the Big Trust task force’s central focus is to promote worldwide changes to the digital security environment, including neutrality, standardization, digital identification, trusted clouds, and data sovereignty for a more efficient cyberspace framework which will allow countries to use this model as reference for their national cyber security strategies.

The Big Trust plans to vigorously engage international organizations to cooperate in and contribute to the development, dissemination, and implementation of cyber security advancement, with a focus on the improvement of current conditions and mitigation of potential risks.

“2014 is the year we will see personal clouds move the gravity center from application-centric to personal centric models where users will retake the control of their personal data and the Malaga Valley will play a substantial role on the localization of this initiative and related technologies”, said Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISeKey.

Malaga Valley is a technological hub located in the metropolitan area of the city of Malaga in southern Spain, in the area of greatest technological excellence in Europe, a “European Silicon Valley.” This area has become a center of ideas and innovation generation, able to attract companies from around the world, investments in R & D and talent. It specializes in the High-Speed Rail and Smart Cities industries, with special attention to energy efficiency and sustainability.

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