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WISeKey, OISTE.ORG and the ONUART Foundation Will Showcase the OneHumanityID.CH During the II Global Dialogue “Towards the World of One Humanity: The role of AI”


WISeKey, OISTE.ORG and the ONUART Foundation Will Showcase the OneHumanityID.CH During the II Global Dialogue
“Towards the World of One Humanity: The role of AI”

Event will take place on October 20, 2023, at the Palais des Nations, Geneva
Room XX, Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room

Geneva – July 18, 2023 – WISeKey International Holding (“WISeKey”, SIX: WIHN, NASDAQ: WKEY), a leader in cybersecurity, digital identity, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions operating as a holding company, and the ONUART Foundation will showcase the “OneHumanityID.CH” during the II GLOBAL DIALOGUE: “Towards the World of One Humanity: The role of AI” which will take place on October 20, 2023 at the Palais Des Nations, in Geneva, Switzerland This Digital Identity platform, based on WISeKey’s innovative “WISeID” technology, is an outcome of the strategic partnership between both entities.

The “One Humanity ID” initiative encourages global citizens to voice their support for “One Humanity World,” a revolutionary global architecture designed to prioritize individuals within the international system. As we transition into the era of artificial intelligence, the creation of a global framework that enables individuals to feel secure and exercise their potential is crucial. This new global structure is anchored on the fundamental tenets of Human Rights. Membership in the “One Humanity ID” platform not only expands collective power but turns our aspirations into reality, making it pivotal for the creation of a peaceful world fueled by creativity and cooperation.

WISeID is an avant-garde solution to identity protection for individuals and corporations, ensuring secure online interactions. This digital identity secures email communication, lends legal validity to digitally signed documents, and is enhanced with dual-factor authentication and single sign-on features. Rooted in the WISeKey/OISTE Trust, WISeID leverages blockchain technologies to distribute identity attributes and construct federated ecosystems. Furthermore, WISeID supports online KYC onboarding, OTP, and a “hands-free” secure login using QR-Codes via the “My WISeID” mobile application, negating the need to type passwords. It also offers digital signature services for documents and adheres to OpenID Connect and OAUTH2 standards, enabling easy integration for enhancing cloud application security.

WISeID is available as a web service through the trust services portal. Here, individuals can create their digital identities and instantly access benefits, while corporations can extend digital identities to their employees or customers through managed identity services. Moreover, allows corporations to integrate WISeID accounts into their websites and applications, benefiting from robust authentication and digital signature services.

We are also delighted to announce that the WISe.ART Entrusted NFT Platform is joining forces with the ONUART Foundation, becoming its official NFT marketplace. It will mint an NFT commemorating the opening of the Human Rights Concert at The Human Rights Hall in its 2022 editions.

Proceeds from the NFT, which captures the opening of the Human Rights Concert at the United Nations will be allocated by the ONUART Foundation to support arts education in African schools, fostering the creative talent of upcoming generations.

Ambassador Juan Antonio March, President of the ONUART Foundation, said, “The Human Rights concert, held at the Human Rights Hall at the United Nations, has been a world-renowned event from 2014 to 2022.”

Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISeKey, added, “WISeKey and the OISTE Foundation are honored to be a part of such initiatives and aid in democratizing access to a digital identity. WISeID, through its services, exhibits its potential to serve as a solid foundation for these projects.”

The “One Humanity ID” platform is now accessible at
About WISeKey:

WISeKey International Holding Ltd (“WISeKey”, SIX: WIHN; Nasdaq: WKEY) is a global leader in cybersecurity, digital identity, and IoT solutions platform. It operates as a Swiss-based holding company through several operational subsidiaries, each dedicated to specific aspects of its technology portfolio. The subsidiaries include (i) SEALSQ Corp (Nasdaq: LAES), which focuses on semiconductors, PKI, and post-quantum technology products, (ii) WISeKey SA which specializes in RoT and PKI solutions for secure authentication and identification in IoT, Blockchain, and AI, (iii) WISeSat AG which focuses on space technology for secure satellite communication, specifically for IoT applications, and (iv) WISe.ART Corp which focuses on trusted blockchain NFTs and operates the WISe.ART marketplace for secure NFT transactions.

Each subsidiary contributes to WISeKey’s mission of securing the internet while focusing on their respective areas of research and expertise. Their technologies seamlessly integrate into the comprehensive WISeKey platform. WISeKey secures digital identity ecosystems for individuals and objects using Blockchain, AI, and IoT technologies. With over 1.6 billion microchips deployed across various IoT sectors, WISeKey plays a vital role in securing the Internet of Everything. The company’s semiconductors generate valuable Big Data that, when analyzed with AI, enable predictive equipment failure prevention. Trusted by the OISTE/WISeKey cryptographic Root of Trust, WISeKey provides secure authentication and identification for IoT, Blockchain, and AI applications. The WISeKey Root of Trust ensures the integrity of online transactions between objects and people. For more information on WISeKey’s strategic direction and its subsidiary companies, please visit

About WISe.ART

WISe.ART is working on cross-blockchain support, enabling a truly open data economy with the support of Ethereum, Polygon and CasperLabs and gradually add new chains so to ensure interoperability and scalability as part of WISeKey’s overall strategy to act as a leading platform of the Web3.0 revolution. It provides both a secure marketplace and platform where NFT buyers and sellers can easily connect their crypto wallets to instantly purchase or list their NFTs for sale. WISeKey has added the support of Polygon and CasperLabs blockchains, drastically reducing and even eliminating gas fees for creators, buyers and sellers on the WISe.ART marketplace. WISe.ART is working on cross-blockchain support, enabling a truly open data economy with the support of Ethereum, Polygon and CasperLabs and gradually add new chains so to ensure interoperability and scalability as part of WISeKey’s overall strategy to act as a leading platform of the Web3.0 revolution. The NFT design of the WISe.Art platform ensures that besides an authenticated and signed version of the actual digital asset, an irreversible link to a physical object is set up, in addition to proof of ownership, provenance and a set of contracts describing future use and monetization streams, if relevant. 

About ONUART Foundation

The creation of ONUART was promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, with the support of private and public partners, as a result of the visit to Geneva by Their Majesties King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía in March 2005. During this visit, United Nations asked Spain to make an artistic contribution to the Palais des Nations of Geneva. Thus was resumed an old and brilliant tradition of collaboration between Spain and multilateral fora, the first exponent of which is the Council Chamber of the former League of Nations, donated by Spain in 1936 and illuminated by the murals of José María Sert.

On 28 February 2007, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and the Director-General of the United Nations Office in Geneva signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Madrid to establish the terms and conditions of the comprehensive refurbishment project, to be undertaken by Spain, of Room XX of the Palais – which would later be renamed the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilisations Room. In addition to refurbishing Room XX, Spain undertook to donate a major artistic work to United Nations, which would be incorporated into the vast 1000-m2 ellipsoid cupola of this Room. The work would be created by a Spanish contemporary artist.

Between June and October 2006, the ad-hoc Advisory Commission created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation analysed several proposals submitted by some of our country’s major artists. The shortlisted works were: “La Huella del Hombre” (Man’s Imprint) by Manuel Valdés, “El Proyecto Orgánico” (The Organic Project) by Miquel Barceló, “La Radiografía del Dolor” (Radiograph of Pain) by José María Sicilia and “La Esencialidad” (Essentiality) by Frederic Amat. On 16 November 2006 the Advisory Committee took the decision to award the commission to Miquel Barceló and his “Organic Project”. This ambitious project would be developed by the ONUART Foundation.

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