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WISeKey Leads at the Intersection of Security and the Social Web to Pioneer the Social Media Security Graph

Geneva – WISeKey, using its leadership in Digital Identity Management, has developed the Social Media Security Graph methodology for personal information protection. The security company advocates that personal data protection need not be neglected for the enjoyment of social media or surrendered to the network provider. A number of social graphs have emerged controlling slices of social media, but as isolated models each becomes a de-facto resource, compromising individual privacy.
WISeKey’s Social Media Security Graph provides trusted digital identities for individuals to interact in social media and perform confidential transactions on open graphs.
WISeKey’s WISeID is part of the Social Media Security Graph solution. The WISeID app is a set of online tools intended to empower people by providing secure, authenticated, and private digital identification. WISeID special edition apps use private IDs of WISeID to build Social Media Security Graphs in the intersection between people, brands, and advertisements by distributing official content to a certified community of fans.
Many people have a false sense of anonymity, privacy, and data security when interacting online and digital identities are one way to add a layer of security. WISeKey’s development promotes the growth of the social web and individual security towards an objective of personal ownership of online profile details.
WISeKey technology is currently used to enhance the social experience for world renowned football clubs, Hublot, Geneva Time Exhibition, Dimension Films, Troublemaker Studios, among others.
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Established in 1999 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, WISeKey is a leading information security company, providing specialized technologies for identity management and authentication to secure communications and transactions without compromising trust.
Eileen Weinberg

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