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WISeKey launches the campaign “Secure Your Digital Life”, providing trusted digital identities based secure e-mail services

Geneva, 11 August 2014 – As a response of the increasing awareness about on-line security, after the steal of millions of passwords by organized criminal groups was made public, WISeKey announced a campaign to promote the adoption of stronger identities and technologies to secure e-mail and other communication services. This initiative will allow any Internet user to apply for an electronic identity and a trusted e-mail address, reducing the risk of identity theft and e-mail eavesdropping while interacting on the Net.

WISeKey, a Swiss company leader in electronic identity and cybersecurity, provides free electronic identities and Secure Personal Cloud through its portals and WISeKey CertifyID Accounts allow any user to register and obtain a trusted digital certificate that can be used to secure e-mail and files. Additionally, WISeKey proposes it’s awarded WISeID technology to protect the user’s private information as passwords, confidential documents and pictures etc, with the option to activate a “Secure Personal Cloud” service that ensures the confidential information is secured by WISeKey’s encryption technology and Swiss Privacy Laws. In a second stage of this campaign, WISeKey will provide all users with a trusted e-mail address that will include security features as delivery receipts and notarization services.

The recent awareness about e-mail security made companies like Google and Yahoo announce the future implementation of encryption solutions in their services. Main difference of WISeKey’s campaign is that CertifyID Accounts are third-party and worldwide trusted identities, allowing the usage of any e-mail address and compatible e-mail client for desktop and mobile. Additionally, WISeKey technology is based on industry standards for PKI, as S/MIME, being the base for legally recognized digital signatures.

About WISeKey. WISeKey is one of the fastest growing eSecurity companies in the world, being a leading Swiss information security and identity management software and services company. WISeKey’s mission is to facilitate the global growth of secure electronic transactions by providing businesses, governments and individuals with advanced technology and services that authenticate the identity of communicators, signatures, and objects during Internet transactions.

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