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WISeKey joining Davos as the Forum Starts to Change the Conversation around Cyber Security towards Cyber Resilience as a critical economic enabler

DAVOS, Switzerland, January 24, 2013 – WISeKey a Global Growth Company Partner of the World Economic Forum is joining again this year the 2013 Annual Meeting in Davos as a role model for innovative cyber-security technology and efforts to protect infrastructures, objects, individuals, businesses, and governments on the Internet.
Digital connectivity of people, objects and infrastructure is transforming industries for huge social and economic gain. These gains are being driven not only through greater efficiencies, but through completely new business and social engagement models. From the connected car to smart cities, from energy infrastructure to air travel, from cashless banking in places like Kenya to on-the-spot market prices for farmers in developing economies, we are witnessing an explosion of innovation and excitement around the potential of technology centred not solely in Silicon Valley, but across industries and individuals everywhere.
WISeKey is championing the ever-changing landscape of cyber-security and how the PKI and Cyber-security segment of WISeKey lead the industry in reinventing PKI and Trusted Computing as a support to Cyber-Resilience. In 2013, WISeKey plans to make its digital identification and encryption technology more easily accessible through its technical advancements, bringing the entire technology suite to trusted clouds. This will allow WISeKey to help more organizations, in different markets and sectors, improve globally their resilience against counterfeiting, cyber-attacks, digital identification and traceability of objects. Our industry is on the brink of a major transformation as a more mature, balanced agenda is emerging, along with some basic insights that are guiding growing numbers of organizations and nations worldwide.There is lots of innovation and collaboration emerging around different regions and industries to tackle these issues. One initiative at the World Economic Forum, Partnering for Cyber Resilience, is providing a platform for companies and governments to come together and learn from each other in a safe environment.
The number of connected devices via the upcoming Internet of Things requiring digital identification and security in the world now tops 4 billion and continues to rise rapidly to reach 50 billion by 2020. This trend shows that Swiss neutrality provided by WISeKey is a key asset in ensuring data protection for enterprises and consumers.
Social networks compile data daily with no international regulations on personal privacy. The gap between a person and a digital identity leaves millions vulnerable to dangers beyond identity theft. “There isn’t anything built into the Web that can verify who you are,” says Carlos Moreira, WISeKey CEO. “WISeKey’s systems have been the closest thing for years. WISeID ( is the first global answer to this problem.”
This is a key differentiator for our Company as these new applications and mobile social networks are compiling data daily, but there are no international regulations on how to protect consumers. So although abuse is inevitable, Switzerland can help. Data flows globally, but privacy laws are a matter of geopolitics.
The growth of cloud computing highlights the complexity of data sovereignty: data can be stored virtually anywhere but it has a physical presence somewhere in the world. This location operates under a jurisdiction whose laws could have unexpected impact on the availability or ownership of data.
WISeKey together with over 70 companies and government bodies across 15 sectors and 25 countries have joined forces to create the World Economic Forum’s Partnering for Cyber Resilience initiative in 2012. Together, the leaders of these organizations have signed a set of principles, which demonstrate their commitment to taking an integrated, strategic approach to technology risks and opportunities, and to play their role in providing a resilient digital environment for all.
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