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WISeKey has Been Named one of the 2012 Global Growth Companies at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of New Champions in Tianjin China Starting Next Week

GENEVA, September 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —
WISeKey is being recognized as a role model for its innovative technology and revolutionary corporate mission. As part of the participation WISeKey Founder and CEO Carlos Moreira is invited to attend a special closed-door session hosted by Premier Wen Jiabao for select members attending the event.
“We are honoured that the World Economic Forum has nominated again this year WISeKey as a Global Growth Company. This is recognition that WISeKey is making a profound contribution to protecting personal data and to allowing millions equipped with WISeKey technologies to perform highly secure social interactions, payments and cyber security related transactions over the trusted Internet, WISeKey is deploying,” said Carlos Moreira.
WISeKey is recognized as a role model for innovative digital identification and cyber-security technology to protect individuals, businesses, and governments on the Internet. The Forum ranks cyber-attacks as one of the top five risks in the world.
The growth of social networking and cloud computing highlights the complexity of data sovereignty: data can be stored virtually anywhere but it has a physical presence somewhere in the world. This location operates under a jurisdiction whose laws could have unexpected impact on the availability or ownership of data.
Social networks compile data daily with no international regulations on personal privacy. The gap between a person and a digital identity leaves millions vulnerable to dangers beyond identity theft. “There isn’t anything built into the Web that can verify who you are,” says Kevin Blackman WISeKey CTO. “WISeKey’s systems have been the closest thing for years. (Xanax) WISeID ( is the first global answer to this problem.”
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