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WISeKey Cybersecurity Company And Tech Holding Censof to Create a Malaysian Blockchain Center

A new partnership in Malaysia is set to create a blockchain center in the area. WISeKey, a cybersecurity firm based in Switzerland, and the Malaysian tech holding Censof have joined forces to create a Blockchain Center of Excellence in the country, which would be used to create more use cases for Censof’s clients.

WISeKey is a company that is focused on cryptographic tools, identification, and authentication of Root of Trust, as well as blockchain and internet of things projects. The company is set to help others to open blockchain centers all around the world and has already affirmed that similar initiatives will be made in China, the United States, India, Africa, and Latin America.

Carlos Moreno, the Vice President of corporate alliances at WISeKey, has officially affirmed on the press release made by his company that the strategic partnership with the other companies will help both companies to combine their potential and to strengthen the work of both companies, WISeKey and Censof’s subsidiary in the country, Cendee.

Ameer bin Shaik Mydin, from the Censof board, has added that he sees big potential in the partnership and that the blockchain technology will help the clients of the companies to achieve more efficiency in the market.

For instance, one of the markets that the companies are very interested in is the market of cybersecurity against ransomware attacks, in particular, the WannaCry and NotPetya types, which are very popular at the moment.

In fact, WannaCry has infected many computers recently and most of them lacked even the most basic defenses in order to protect themselves from this type of attack, which creates a nice use case for cybersecurity companies that intend to help domestic users avoiding this type of hacker.

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