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WISeKey brings its Anti-Counterfeiting NFC Technology to BaselWorld to lead the fight against Counterfeit Luxury Goods

Basel, Switzerland – WISeKey brings its anti-counterfeiting technology to BaselWorld to demonstrate to the Luxury Goods Market how its advancements with NFC will help prevent the distribution of counterfeit products. WISeKey’s anti-counterfeiting technologies revolutionized the fine timepiece industry when first launched at BaselWorld in 2009, and the security company continues to enhance the technology to better “empower brands, consumers, distributors, governments and vendors to distinguish genuine goods from illegal imitations”.
Foremost among these developments is the employment of NFC tags, using different form factors other than standard smartcards, which can be embedded into products across markets, from consumer goods to manufacturing. Along with supporting WISeAuthentic encryption technology, these tags allow authentication of genuine products for the life of the item, control of the gray market, easier sales monitoring, and a direct marketing channel between the brand and the consumer.
WISeKey is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Council on Illicit Trade, bringing together companies severely affected by counterfeiting to educate the public and to find practical solutions using new technology.
WISeKey continues to work closely with luxury watch brands and collaborates with manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, software, and medical supplies to deeply understand their concerns in order to offer better solutions. WISeAuthentic offers a sophisticated monitoring system of a product’s movement through the entire supply chain, from manufacturer, distribution, and purchase, a process proven to help identify fakes and reduce illicit trade.
In 2012, WISeKey plans to make its WISeAuthentic encryption technology more easily accessible through its technical advancements, in order to help even more organizations in different markets and sectors globally improve their resilience against counterfeiting.
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