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WISeKey and Appin Technology Labs Partner to Provide WISeID for 100,000 Students Across Training Labs in India and Other Countries

GENEVA and NEW DELHI, June 7, 2012
WISeKey has signed a strategic partnership with Appin Security Group to provide a special WISeID for 100,000 students across training labs in India and other countries. WISeID Students app is targeted to those enrolled in Appin courses offering professional training in ethical hacking and information security and who plan to build a career in that arena. Appin Training Labs, the cyber intelligence and security training division, will offer WISeID Students to help students find potential employers from the WISeID community.
“WISeKey hopes this strategic partnership with Appin will train specialists with experience in hacking, cyber forensics, email interception testing, and mobile phone penetration testing, to help reverse the growing trend of data loss and cybercrime we’ve seen over the last five years,” said Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO, WISeKey.
Over the last half decade, more than 63% of students who completed Appin training have found employment within three months. The WISeID Student app will be used by all students participating in Appin training so that students can provide authenticated services to potential employers world-wide using a WISeKey digital identity to offer secure reporting of possible security risks.
WISeKey plans to expand the app to include the incorporation of WISeID eDiploma, which provides digital signatures for the online verification of diplomas, certificates and other credentials, allowing trusted publication on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
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