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We Wish you a Joyful and Healthy Holiday Season

Dear Friends,
I am pleased to report that WISeKey is continuing its growth with another important year in 2011. Our company continued to diversify its security products and services with the activation of new business units.  Most importantly, once the global economy recovers, we are well positioned to become a major player on the “Social Ecosystem.” Social Mobility is a powerful tool for business but at the top of everyone’s mind is security. At WISeKey, we take personal data and social profile safety seriously with powerful tools to protect and serve our customers with an impeccable reputation that is making WISeKey a leading brand in this ecosystem.
These results were made possible by decisions and actions we undertook when the world economic crisis started. At that time, we considered how we believed the world was shifting and where new opportunities would arise. But even more, they are a reflection of the mindset, ambitions, and values that have guided WISeKey since its inception. As such, our performance in 2011 marks a fitting conclusion to our first decade as a corporation, and a promising start to our second.
WISeKey today is a fundamentally different company and an essential player on the emerging market of securing social mobility. We believe that this position on the Social Mobility Ecosystem is the most helpful way to understand our company and to honor the position the World Economic Forum has granted us as one of the 25 top Global Growth Companies in 2011. (order ativan) WISeKey as member of the Clinton Global Initiative, together with the OISTE Foundation, committed this year to further reduce the gap between the new Digital Identification Divide in less developed countries and emerging economies by creating the infrastructure that is gradually deploying a de-facto global digital identity community of 1 billion digital identity users while providing equitable and meaningful access to digital information technology, including trusted services on the cloud from Switzerland.  These are just a few of the tangible steps that have made a measurable, meaningful difference in millions of lives across the globe. When I founded WISekey 11 years ago, I couldn’t have imagined all that we’d accomplish together.
Let me close by expressing my pride and recognition of the WISeKey Team for bringing us to this point and their unwavering support to our company. I hope to continue working with all you in 2012 and I trust that you share our excitement about the future of an enterprise whose unique past is propelling us into an enormously promising future.
From everyone at WISeKey and OISTE, we wish you a joyful and healthy holiday season.
Carlos Moreira

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