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Vote for the Best Football Player for 2014 World Cup with the WISfans app and help your favorite players win

Geneva, 12 June 2014 –The Best Player 2014 app allows fans to vote for their favorite football players and to keep in touch with them, following them as they play matches, appear in events, social media and news articles across the world.
* Vote for the Best Football Player for 2014and help your favorite players win the “Best Player 2014” title!
* Select your favorite players and receive real time updates when they make social posts.
* See the social stream of your favorites and respond to them from within the app.
* Get alerts when new photos, videos, and news articles are published about your best players, with links to view these items in the app’s internal browser.
* Like, comment and share curated photos, news and videos from the Internet with your friends on social networks.
* Comment on popular photos and videos and add to the discussion about the best content on the best players on the Internet.
WISfans© keeps fans engaged on and off the field through a digital ‘clubhouse’ ecosystem that taps into sport franchise’s fan base, bringing curated content, match reports, videos, photos, fan-supported social campaigns, Twitter and Facebook posts, sports highlights, and injects exclusive additional content provided by the team and its players.
Fans can also access ticketing, purchase merchandise and visit sponsor sites. The platform continually folds in new cutting-edge digital perks, for fans to try facial biometric comparisons with the teams’ star players.
WISfans also provides backend analytics and provide enriched data that clubs’ marketing teams can integrate in their CRM to create additional engagement and growth.
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