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The transHuman Code Bestseller and Ethics in AI Debated at the 2019 Zermatt Summit

The transHuman Code Bestseller and Ethics in AI Debated at the 2019 Zermatt Summit

Global thought-leaders to converge for social impact event in Zermatt

This year’s theme is “entrepreneurship to serve the common good”

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Zermatt, September 12, 2019 – This exclusive gathering of technology, corporate, finance, government, academic, ecclesiastic and media leaders is an interactive forum to catalyze awareness and establish the best path forward with humanity and technology in harmony.

“Never has there been a more important time in our history for business, government, academic and religious leaders to align on the core tenants of humanity,” states Carlos Moreira, co-author of The transHuman Code. “In the absence of a ‘global governor of technology’— an individual or body that decides what technology is used, when and where — the developers, enablers and users of technology (that’s all of us) must assume the responsibility to program our future.” 

“The web is blind; the web has no morals; the web is like fire: it can warm your hands but burn down your house,” Moreira said. In order to build a virtual space that behooves humanity, “we must put humans in the center of the architecture,” he added. That architecture today does not always allow for the free-flowing democratic exchange of ideas but is instead governed by purveyors of code; it’s a realm where internet users have become commodities, and, he said, it’s worth asking, who’s supervising the coder?

Humanity as we know it is being transformed, so this concept “points to the belief that our best future will come from a transformational relationship with technology—one that we control and not one that requires us to surrender to it or its products and services.” The evolution of post-human intelligence reinforced by AI is the most important conceivable development since Humans are on this earth. Humans prevailed on this world for thousands of years and are morally valuable because of our rich consciousness and ability to understand, believe and create. The emergence of radically cognitively enhanced humans or super-humans powered with AI, with a drastically greater ability to understand, will be the most morally consequential event on earth.

So the conclusion is if we are we building a future of technological grandeur at the expense of what makes us magnificent, or we are building a future of human grandeur with the help of magnificent technology? What we choose will determine whether our future is bleak or bright.

The transHuman Code Meeting of The Minds first originated in Davos, Switzerland in 2015 where global leaders assembled to discuss the impending impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Since that ground-breaking event, authors Fergusson and Moreira have brought technology, corporate, finance, government, academic, and media leaders together at gatherings across the world to discuss how we can program our future for the betterment of all. This extensive research, culminated in the publishing of the bestseller book, The transHuman Code, in June of this year.


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