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Le Guin, the new German handcrafted luxury eyewear manufacturer, and WISeKey, the Swiss digital brand protection company, recently partnered to protect and enhance Le Guins newly launched titanium eyewear collection.
Developed and manufactured in an established high-end factory in the south of Germany, with decades of expertise in the field of mechanical engineering and craftsmanship all Le Guin products meet and exceed even highest industrial standards. Each piece is manufactured on demand and is delivered 8 weeks after the order is placed.
When a Le Guin client purchases a new product, a Smartcard and a reader are delivered within the presentation case. This aims at securing clients and products, but also enhances the client digital experience in an exclusive manner.
Indeed a unique and non-forgeable digital certificate is stored within the Le Guin smartcard chip. By inserting the card into the reader, the client can authenticate his eyewear online with the highest level of security available without any doubt, and access a private space on
The entire Le Guin collection is protected, so any Le Guin product is to come with its card and reader.
This very personal Le Guin member card becomes the link between the physical creation and the Le Guin brand. In case the product has been stolen or lost, the Le Guin smartcard can be digitally revoked at any time to prevent other parties from proving its authenticity.
After prestigious watchmakers, WISeKey aims at providing luxury eyewear industry with new ways of comforting buyers and enhance the purchase experience in a very secure and private way, through Le Guin digital member card for instance.
Even independent and limited high-end collection manufacturers can now benefit from digital innovations with a light, ready-to-use and hosted solution.
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Le Guin:
André Le Guin
Ravensburgerstrasse 28
88279 Amtzell, DE
29, Rte de Pré-Bois – CP 853
Geneva, 1215 CH
Phone: +41 (0)22 594 30 00

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