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HYT Watches implements the WISeAuthentic Service

HYT, the hydro-mechanical horologists, announces the adoption of a digital brand protection solution to protect but also enhance HYT newly launched high-end watch collections. Developed and manufactured in Bienne, neighbouring other major watch manufacturers, HYT watches are the ultimate in hybrid technology uniting two worlds normally diametrically opposed. The result is a mechanical wristwatch shattering all certainties and crush conformity.
When a HYT client purchases a new watch, a digital warranty card and a reader are delivered within the presentation case. The card contains a unique and non-forgeable digital certificate stored in a crypto chip. Without expertise required, the watch owner or any HYT official retailer can undoubtedly authenticate a watch online with the highest level of security. A dedicated space for HYT owners, «the Lounge » is as well accessible on Welcome | HYT, simply by inserting the card into the reader.

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