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France TV showcases WISePhone technology developed by WISeKey

WISePhone technology developed by WISekey comes as an answer to phone tapping activities which is quite prevalent across the world nowadays. Although telecommunication companies offer stronger password systems to access voicemail accounts than before, voice communication does not ensure 100 percent privacy, said officials.
Eavesdropping and wiretapping are major concerns for people, corporations and governments who have to address the dangers of voice communication interception. It is necessary for proactive precautions to be taken against hacking, corporate espionage and cyber-terrorism.
WISeKey developed WISePhone to beat interception technology used to tap into data stored and transmitted on Smart Phones. WISePhone is simple to use and extremely secure, said company sources.
Users’ communication is secured via transparent, military-grade encryption that is similar to the levels of security used by government agencies. WISePhone is compatible with specific, smart phones popular in the mobile environment across the globe. This eliminates the need to buy a special phone.
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