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Favre-Leuba AG selects WISeKey to digitally secure the second oldest traditional Swiss Watch


Favre-Leuba AG selects WISeKey to digitally secure the second oldest traditional Swiss Watch

Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland – October 24, 2016: WISeKey International Holding Ltd (WIHN.SW) (“WISeKey”), a leading Cybersecurity and IoT company, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Favre-Leuba AG, the second oldest Swiss watch brand that is known for its ingenious watches. This premium watch brand will implement and use WISeKey’s latest generation of WISeAuthentic® platform for the new generation ofits watches.  The WISeAuthentic® platform allows contactless authentication process based on Secure NFC technology developed by WISeKey’s Digital Brand Protection – IoTdepartment named NFCTrusted®.

“We’re glad that Favre-Leuba selected WISeKey to provide the best in class service to protect its consumers and the entire retailer network and aftersales services entities. Those last will be equipped with an android Tablets having the brand new WISeAuthentic® Transaction mobile application, using NFCTrusted® (cryptographic chip manufactured by WISeKey Semiconductors, out of the company recently acquired by WISeKey) and having a WISeKey digital certificate embedded into a card form factor provided in every watch box,” said Carlos Moreno, VP Digital Brand Protection WISeKey.

The digital certificate issuance operations and injection into the NFCTrusted® cards are carried out by the WISeAuthentic® SaaS service with the input given by the ERP from Favre-Leuba.
In the boutiques, when a customer selects a model, the seller is identified by the system as one of the brand’s approved retailers, using their own Retailer NFCTrusted® card with WISeAuthentic® Transaction mobile app that connects directly to the WISeAuthentic® Transaction SaaS platform operated by WISeKey’s into a secure Datacenter located in Switzerland. The activation of the electronic international warranty takes place in front of the customer and provides real time, information directly from the markets, which allows the brand to analyze the global stocks in the retail system and thereby also use this information to maximize the impact of the marketing campaigns and activities, by allowing a permanent connection with the operation from its retailer and aftersales network.
“Favre-Leuba as the 2nd oldest Swiss watch brand with an outstanding history is ready to write a new chapter in its journey. Although committed to the art of watchmaking and engineering, the brand is always looking for state-of-the-art technical solutions to achieve one goal: a happy customer. That’s why we have partnered with WISeKey with their authentication and tracking solution for our timepieces. This will allow us not only to monitor our global sales but also see the service history of any timepiece,” said Thomas Morf CEO of Favre-Leuba AG.”
“We are thrilled to cooperate with Favre-Leuba, a pioneer in watch design, manufacturing and distribution industry.  We believe that through our WISeAuthentic® Transaction SaaS platform, Favre-Leuba’s customers will benefit greatly by authenticating and protecting their iconic watches.  This will also benefit the Favre-Leuba team by remaining in touch with the customer for as long as they have the watch” said Carlos Moreira, Founder CEO WISeKey.

About Fauve-Leuba AG

Favre-Leuba AG, is the second oldest Swiss watch brand, which has exhibited values of defiance, pioneering thinking, ingenious watch-engineering and has won many awards for its numerous innovations and technical excellence. The global brand represents itself in the markets from 2016, wherein, it has shown that it holds true to the values the 8 generations of the family had defined from the very beginning, of conquering frontiers in every sphere. Inspired by its legendary forefathers but recrafted for today, the new line of products of the Raider and Chief collection exuberates technical as well as aesthetic brilliance. Like their role models, the new watches are characterized by innovation and functionality and are dependable companions for those who are not held back by seemingly insurmountable limits but rather pave their own way. The patented Raider Harpoon, showcases the brands spirit and paves way for more ground breaking products from the brands portfolio. As the brand celebrates 280 years, it prepares to once again exhibit the power of history and the art of watchmaking and engineering.

About WISeKey

WISeKey (SIX Swiss Exchange: WIHN) is a leading cybersecurity company which has been selected as a World Economic Forum Global Growth Company. WISeKey is currently deploying large scale Internet of Things (“IoT”) digital identity ecosystems and has become a pioneer of the “4th Industrial Revolution” movement launched this year at the World Economic Forum in Davos.  WISeKey’s Swiss based cryptographic Root of Trust (“RoT”) integrates wearable technology with secure authentication and identification, in both physical and virtual environments, and empowers IoT and wearable devices to become secure transactional devices. The RoT serves as a common trust anchor, which is recognized by the operating system and applications, to ensure the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of on-line transactions. With the cryptographic RoT embedded on the device, the IoT product manufacturers can use code-signing certificates and a cloud-based signature as a service to secure interactions among objects and between objects and people. WISeKey has patented this process in the USA as it is currently used by many IoT providers.

For further information, please contact:

WISeKey Investor Relations (United States)
Carlos Moreno, +41-79-200-7959
Carlos Moreira, +41-22-594-3000tai
Founder & CEO
The Equity Group, Inc.
Lena Cati, 212-836-9611


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