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Carlos Moreira and David Fergusson Release Ground Breaking Book, The transHuman Code: How to Program Your Future

New York, NY (June 4, 2019) – Co-authors Carlos Moreira and David Fergusson announced today the release of their first book, The transHuman Code, which invites readers to engage in the critical dialogue around the advantages and potential dangers of the rapid advances in technology our world is experiencing today.  We must learn to put humanity first instead of getting caught up in the promise of technological advancement. Humans have been able to adapt, morph, and compromise in every situation we have faced over the centuries and have been able to maintain dominance. We must approach the promises of technology with the same adaptability.

Through The transHuman Code, Moreira, multi-award-winning technology pioneer, and Fergusson, an international corporate finance leader specializing in mergers and acquisitions, collaborate with global thought leaders, who seek to center humanity in the emerging tension between a human-controlled or a machine-controlled world. The authors and contributors propose that we start the design of the transHuman future from a human perspective, making sure that technology will inspire revolution or evolution so we can ensure humanity continues to thrive.

Insightful work poses the question: ”Are we building a better future for humanity with the help of magnificent technology or are we instead building a future of better technology at the expense of humanity?”

“It has never been more important than it is now to engage in this critical discussion,” said Moreira.  “Human identity has a value, which has been and will continue to be exploited unless we reverse the recent trends in technology.  Placing the power back into the hands of the humans engaging with technology will enable them to realize the true value of their identities, in ways they never thought possible.”

Fergusson commented, “with each industrial revolution, humanity has been refined in subtle and profound ways and the impact has been largely positive. In this, the 4th Industrial Revolution, innovative technologies are advancing at a meteoric uncontrolled pace.  This profound difference creates untold risks for all humanity unless we’re able to regain control over this dynamic. Created as a conversation starter for developers, enablers and users of technology, in essence all of us, the book contends that in the absence of a “Global Governor of Technology” it is our individual and collective responsibility to determine what technology, when, and where.”

For more information about The transHuman Code:  How to Program Your Future, or to obtain a copy, the book is available for purchase online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, as well as Indiebound, and NetGalley.

About the authors:
Carlos Moreira is a multi-award-winning technology pioneer whose IT, online security, and trust management experience with the United Nations and World Trade Organization led to the creation, twenty years ago, of one of the world’s first cybersecurity companies, WISeKey, of which he is the CEO. Today, he is also an active leader and member of several institutions and organizations focused on the advancement of technological innovation and preservation of human identity. He resides in Geneva, Switzerland with his family.
Connect with Carlos on Twitter @CreusMoreira, and on LinkedIn

David Fergusson is a corporate finance leader specializing in global mergers and acquisitions and Executive Director of M&A with Generational Equity. He engages regularly with business, media, political, and academic leaders on the factors influencing corporate growth. He is a pioneer and international award winner for cross-border investment between the United States and China. Chairman of the finance industry’s leading think tank, he is recognized as an expert on the impact of technology on business, government, and humankind. He resides with his family in Westchester, New York.
Connect with David on Twitter @dafergusson , and on LinkedIn

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Company Contact:
Carlos Moreira
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