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WISekey $WKEY to auction first ever Secure Luxury Watch NonFungible Token NFT 31 March 2021


WIS.WATCH NFTs on sale from next week on WISe.ART. $WKEY You can register to be the first to see this amazing new collection. The Watch Birth Certificate is based on a cryptographic public-private key pair that is unique to each NFT IoT device.

WISeKey $WKEY “WISe.ART nonfungible token” #NFT are already trading using a peer-to-peer marketplace for trusted exclusive digital items and crypto luxury collectibles. OpenSea NFT MarketPlace

WIS.WATCH allows contactless transactions highly secured with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency payments. WIS.WATCH is provided with its NonFungible Token.

  • Access to the WISeToken Wallet
  • Embedded Near Field Communication (“NFC” Technology”)
  • Fingerprint, face recognition, dot pattern and password options
  • Enabling to trade bitcoin or other crypto currencies across different multiple wallets
  • Easy to use, encrypted device storage for all your digital assets like Contacts Documents Medias
  • 1 Terabyte of swiss ultra-secure storage for 12 months

A WISeKey WIS.WATCH NFT is a unit of data on the blockchain, where each NFT represents a unique digital item, such as an artwork, audio, video, an item in video games or other forms of creative work. While digital files themselves are infinitely reproducible, NFTs representing them are traced on their underlying blockchains and provide buyers with proof of ownership.  Blockchains such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Flow, each have their own token standards to define their use of NFTs.

WISeKey was  first cybersecurity company in the world to use dual factor authentication combined with blockchain technology to secure luxury watches, currently protects over 2.5 million luxury watches.

Since 2010, WISeKey has partnered with manufactures of luxury watches, including Bugari, Favre-Leuba and Hublot

to integrate semiconductors tags powered with its VaultIC154 NFC secure element and provide brands with the ability of:

  • issuing a storage device comprising of a digital certificate of authenticity
  • checking, when required, the validity of the digital certificate of authenticity
  • modifying, when required, the status of validity of the digital certificate of authenticity.
  • Dematerialization and creation of a Digital Twin with its corresponded NonFungible Token

These tags, when placed on any product and tapped by an NFC phone, securely authenticate and track the product much like an embedded ePassport and confirm the identity of the product on the BlockChain ledger.

“WISeKey has long been recognized as a leader in providing luxury and other product manufacturers with reliable means to protect their brands against counterfeiting,” said Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISeKey. “With the addition of the WISeAuthentic BlockChain platform, we can now provide our clients with a powerful and unified way to shield their brands from the harmful effects of counterfeiting, while providing enhanced visibility into their end-consumers.”

WISeKey’s technology creates Watch Birth Certificates, digital identities which are analogous to birth certificates.  The Watch Birth Certificate is signed, or “certified” by a trusted authority and contains basic information such as date & time of manufacture (birth), company (parents), and type of product.  This digital identity, used throughout the watch lifetime, allows the watch to become a “Trusted Object” of the Internet, prove its identity and provide verifiable data.

The Watch Birth Certificate is based on a cryptographic public‑private key pair that is unique to each IoT device.  The public key for this key pair is part of the certificate and can be freely distributed, while the private key is used whenever the IoT device needs to verify its identity or to sign data to ensure cryptographic integrity. It is the private key that represents the essence of the identity of the IoT device.