WIS.Watch WISWatch picture
id-ico Thanks to the NFC technology, your WIS.WATCH can now be used as a unique personal key identifier and trusted device to access your smartphone, applications, personal data and secure cloud storage.WIS.WATCH connects instantly with your smartphone and launches WISeID to protect your personal data. WIS.Watch and WISeID together offer a unique experience of interconnected objects and strengthens your security while simplifying the user experience. With your connected WIS.WATCH your personal data, documents, and passwords remain safe and can also be securely encrypted and saved in the cloud.The security level of the authentication can be defined from basic watch authentication to multi-factor authentications including password, pattern, biometric recognition, etc.Whenever you need your data, your watch will be your key to access. Additional services like access control, online transactions, etc. will be available via your WIS.WATCH in the future.

Secure WISeID app

The combination of the WIS.WATCH and WISeID smartphone app allows you to securely backup your data online. This is handy should your mobile ever get lost or stolen. You can configure your WISeID app so that after several failed attempts to access your secure data, the key will be wiped and your data erased. You can restore the data from your secure cloud store into a new smartphone or desktop WISeKey using the backup system activated by your WIS.WATCH. mobile-ico


cloud-ico Digital security is a necessary part of the modern technology lifestyle, but it has rarely spawned devices like the WIS.WATCH that you would want to demonstrate to your friends for their design and cool factor. The WIS.WATCH combines a great watch design with high grade encryption and authentication.


How to get started?

1. Order your WIS.Watch from WISeKey
2. Activate NFC on you smartphone
3. Associate your WIS.WATCH Watch with WISeID