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Provides Powerful Message Confidentiality

WISeSMS lite allows you to secure your messages. Encrypt any text, including SMS / Email / chat etc before you send it with your preferred messaging program. Decrypt WISeSMS messages (whether copied from SMS, email, etc.) after receiving them. Your messages are encrypted during transit and are protected from eavesdroppers.

WISeSMS allows you to secure any messages by encrypting it before sending to the recipient. Simply share the password that is used to encrypt the message with the recipient. Once the message is received, decrypt it using the message password.

WISeSMS lite features
  1. Quickly and easily Encrypt any text message, and then send by SMS if supported or copy to your messaging program
  2. Decrypt a WISeSMS encrypted message
  3. Encryption key derived from password
  4. Strong AES symmetric-key encryption
  5. Password can be changed for each message, increasing security and protection
  6. Convenient selection of recipients from your phone’s address book