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Bluetooth Sensor

Product Introduction

TH100 is a super easy installed, waterproof high-precision temperature and humidity sensor. It sends temperature, humidity data to the host devices by built-in BLE5.1. Temperature and humidity sensor sampling rate is 10 seconds. The Bluetooth broadcast frequency is 1.2 seconds.


Easy installation


BLE 5.1

3+ years battery life

Humidity sensor

Temperature sensor

Micro size

4G/2G optional

LED status indication

Physical Characteristics of Products

PN TH100 Industrial grade


Shell material ABS plastic

Shell color black

Dimensions 75mm*38mm*19mm

Product weight 42.9g

Battery type Lithium iron battery (1100mAh)

Supply Voltage 3V

Transmission distance Open limit transmission distance 100 meters


3M Sticker

Technical parameters

Feature Range / Value Error Range

Measuring range

-30°C ~ 60°C

Accuracy 5°C ~ 60°C ± 0.2°C

≤ 5°C ± 1.4°C 01%RH

Temperature & Humidity sample rate

Sampling Rate

10 seconds

Electrical Characteristics

Static current 4.5uA

Peak current 10mA

Average current 33uA

Battery capacity 1100mAH

Tx Power 7dB

Service life

>= 3 years

Environmental Characteristics

Working temperature  -30°C ~ +60°C

Storage temperature

-30°C ~+60°C ≤ 75%RH