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A Personal Immunity Certificate

PIC: The Concept

The objective of this groundbreaking medically certified application is to provide via our eLOOP Blockchain platform a ”Personal Immunity Certificate” (PIC) to users, patients, healthcare professionals and legal authorities.

This digital, mobile, indelible, and 100% GDPR compatible immunity and vaccination certificate can be presented from your smartphone at any time with one click to any authority who requests it.

The data entry is managed entirely by the use the doctor has only to certify the information with a CLICK, and then it is 100% secured in the blockchain.

PIC: Use Cases

For medical care, hospitalization, and outpatient consultation: to guarantee a complete immune status (e.g. COVID antigen & PCR tests, vaccination, all serologies and childhood diseases, tetanus for emergency rooms, etc.)

For air travel and for border controls, to prove its certified immunity and vaccination status to the authorities.

Guarantee to the host country the veracity of the information. Fight against fraud involving false documents (false vaccination certificates, false PCR results, false travel certificates, etc.)

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