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WISeKey Announces


At The Mobile World Congress 2018 (#Mwc2018)

Access a variety of financial applications securely from your mobile phone

In today’s fast-paced world, you need to offer your customers simple & secure solutions for payment that avoid the hassle of travelling to a shop and waiting in a queue. WISePay(WP) can be customised to offer your customers a variety of secure mobile financial applications.

Our solution can quickly integrate new and diverse applications for your customers with easily adaptable interfaces, giving us a unique competitive edge in the mobile payment space.
Our features using WISeKey’s secure encryption already include the following:

Peer-to-Peer Money Transfer

Allow your customers to instantaneously send money or units anywhere, anytime, to another mobile account.

Mobile Ticketing

Your customers can order & pay for their tickets, for example for a football match, remotely through the mobile phone

Bill Payment

This application allows customers to pay their bills without having to go to their bank.

M-Cart (Payment Approval)

This shopping cart allows your customers to approve their payments simply and securely.


Customers can purchase minutes or units for their phone or send minutes/units to another mobile account.

Music & Videos

Online music stores can allow their customers to purchase and download music and videos directly to their phone.

Loan Payment

Customers can pay back loans from their mobile phone, and see a complete follow up of past and future payments and the account balance.

Bank Accounts

Your customers will be able to securely & remotely manage their bank accounts, making transfers & checking their balance and transactions.

Ask for Money

With this service, the end user can ask another person for money through the mobile.

Loyalty Program

This loyalty module will reward your customers for their purchases by offering, among other features, downloadable content and coupons.