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WISeAuthentic is an anti-counterfeiting and sales monitoring system that provides 100% authentication for your priceless treasures. Now, luxury products can come with a non-contact, convenient, secure NFC tag.

  • Guarantees authenticity and real-time traceability of luxury items
  • Allows for the creation of a unique, certified online retail shop or certified auction platform
  • Join a VIP club online for innovative value-added services


100% Authentic Anti-Counterfeiting

WISeAuthentic offers a digital certificate of authenticity for luxury or other valuable items, to protect them against counterfeiting. It is based on the principle of the traditional paper-based certificate, but instead of using a forge-able piece of paper, a non-duplicable digital certificate is stored on a cryptographic smart chip embedded into a branded SmartCard. This allows manufacturers or resellers of luxury goods to prove the authenticity of the items to their customers, and of course, for the customers to prove it to authorities and third parties, even over the Internet.

  • Provides a unique guarantee that is impossible to reproduce
  • Is easily deployed
  • Enhances supply chain security
  • Is applicable retroactively to sold items (old models)
  • Creates new sources of income
  • Uses proven technology based on standard equipment


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Contact us at WISeKey SA, our global headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland, with regional affiliates around the world.

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