Brand protection and added value for consumers

WISeAuthentic is an anti-counterfeiting and sales monitoring system that provides 100% authentication for your priceless treasures. Now, luxury products can come with a non-contact, convenient, secure NFC tag.

  • Guarantees authenticity and real-time traceability of luxury items
  • Allows for the creation of a unique, certified online retail shop or certified auction platform
  • Join a VIP club online for innovative value-added services


100% Authentic Anti-Counterfeiting

WISeAuthentic offers a digital certificate of authenticity for luxury or other valuable items, to protect them against counterfeiting. It is based on the principle of the traditional paper-based certificate, but instead of using a forge-able piece of paper, a non-duplicable digital certificate is stored on a cryptographic smart chip embedded into a branded SmartCard. This allows manufacturers or resellers of luxury goods to prove the authenticity of the items to their customers, and of course, for the customers to prove it to authorities and third parties, even over the Internet.

  • Provides a unique guarantee that is impossible to reproduce
  • Is easily deployed
  • Enhances supply chain security
  • Is applicable retroactively to sold items (old models)
  • Creates new sources of income
  • Uses proven technology based on standard equipment

Simple online sales monitoring

With WISeAuthentic, when an item is sold, its warranty is activated online using the shop’s official reseller SmartCard and reader. Information stating which shop sold which item and when is sent automatically online to the manufacturer.  The manufacturer can therefore ensure they receive accurate sales information that can then be used for analyzing the impact of marketing activities and estimating the stock of resellers.  This also provides a valuable tool for gaining control over the gray market.

WISeAuthentic also allows the implementation or integration of a unique, certified online retail shop and / or a certified auctioning platform.

  • Provides online sales, delivery, and after sales monitoring services
  • Integrates with existing enterprise business intelligence (BI) for analysis and reporting
  • Gives control of the gray market
  • Prevents warranty fraud
  • Makes quantifiable, targeted marketing campaigns possible

Forging a lifelong bond with your consumer

WISeAuthentic can also allow the manufacturer to have direct contact with the end consumer by offering the item owner the possibility to register online.  The owner then benefits from being given access to certain functions, for example being able to update the status of the item, without affecting the worth of the original certificate.  Owners of a WISeAuthentic® certified item can access an owner’s VIP club online, allowing the vendor to provide them with innovative value-added services using direct marketing facilities.  Access is reserved for owners of certified objects, as the SmartCard is used to log in to this optional service.

  • Provides a direct marketing utility with access to end customers
  • Enriches your CRM
  • Provides end customers with an authentic history of the item

Everything Precious Deserves a Guarantee

WISeKey has developed new solution to complement WISeAuthentic targeted to independent watchmakers and makers of smaller fashion and jewelery collections who would like to offer the same level of counterfeit protection to their clients, with a lighter infrastructure.

WISeKey continues to spread the word about WISeAuthentic, the revolutionary brand protection technology first launched in 2010. WISeKey joined the fight against counterfeiting by applying its authentication technology to provide each watch with a unique identity that is impossible to duplicate.

By giving a unique identity to a product, WISeAuthentic can not only offer a 100% genuine guarantee, but it also offers the manufacturer with real-time sellout information and a direct communications link with the end-customer. WISeKey has developed WISeAuthentic Software as a Service (SaaS) so all watches, whether from grand fashion houses or independent artisans, can have a WISeAuthentic identity.

WISeAuthentic SaaS is a light and agile solution, fully hosted by WISeKey, and completely scalable. WISeAuthentic is a bespoke solution that can be tailored to suit your needs.


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