Government Trust Solutions

The CertifyID Trust Center Platform is an industrial class Citizen eID management solution that manages users, and their credentials especially digital ids and digital certificates for large scale applications such as nationwide e-government services.

It is a complete industrial Public Key Infrastructure, and ID management solution that supports 24×7 government services.
The CertifyID Trust Center Platform is used in a range of government and public sector applications such as:

  • National ID Card
  • ePassport (ICAO Compliant)
  • Drivers Permit
  • Health
  • Electoral / Voting

CertifyID Trust Centre Platform

The CertifyID Trust Centre solution is a global digital certificate and public key infrastructure solution for eID management and establishment of trust management frameworks that enable governments and organizations to ensure control over their identity systems and enables citizens and other governments and organizations to trust their eIDs.
Fully integrated into the Microsoft .Net Framework, the CertifyID Platform includes the creation and life-cycle management of electronic identities (eIDs) capabilities for the citizen and services that allow eID checking and verification.
Built using WISeKey’s expertise security frameworks and public key infrastructures (PKI), the CertifyID platform can be fully integrated into e-government frameworks, commercial frameworks such as Qualified Certificate Service Providers, and integrated with a nation’s e-government services delivery framework. The solution encompasses all the essential certificate management attributes and functions, including:

  • Online and offline enrollment
  • Online and offline identity verification
  • Centralised and Decentralised management
  • Multi-tier architecture
  • Secure management of the digital certificate lifecycle
  • Bulk Card Issuance and Management subsystem integration
  • Fault tolerance, high availability, and disaster recovery

For the CertifyID Platform solution, Microsoft supplies a wide range of software products and technologies, including Microsoft Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, the Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Virtual Server, and Microsoft Services.
WISeKey and Microsoft are further investing in the solution through various initiatives including global licensing agreements, training programs, public sector education, and investment into technology development.
The CertifyID platform is the result of WISeKey’s extensive experience in delivering industrial scale PKI solutions, which include consulting, integration, operation and support services; and the increasing cost effectiveness and reliability of the Microsoft Windows platform technology.

Ideal for National Identity Systems

In recognition of the WISeKey’s expertise and technology that leverages .Net technologies to provide such solutions, Microsoft and HP have selected WISeKey’s CertifyID platform as the core PKI component of the National Identity System solution.

Unique eID Trust Model & Framework

WISekey was also selected by HP and Microsoft to join this Global Partnership due to its unique neutral Trust Model and ROOT technology which is must-have requirement for any country moving their national identification to eIDs.

Platform Components

  • Windows Server 2003 & .Net Technology Citizen eID PKI Solution
  • Certificate Services, IIS, ASP .Net, SQL Server, Virtual Server
  • National eID certificate services provisioning, high availability, and high volume
  • Leverages Windows platform – cost effective, easy management and maintenance (certificate services, network load balancing, SQL session manager, cluster services, distributed file system, automated system, recovery, remote desktop, active directory, active directory application mode, virtual server, and others:- Web, Mail, DNS, DHCP etc.)
  • SQL Server – Extensive eID schema for platform, includes stored procedures, transactional logging CertifyID MS CA Web Services API (C# / .Net)
  • Guardian – custom exit module integrated with CertifyID DB for certificate publishing, eID state change logging and business continuity support (C++/COM)
  • Universal Registration Authority & Web API – CID platform and eID management (C# / .Net)
  • Automated Registration Module –integration into MS/HP NIS platform via BizTalk – XML messaging (C++/DCOM)
  • CRL Manager – assured CRL publishing and delivery (C# / .Net)
  • Message Assurance System – assured electronic message delivery (C# / .Net)
  • Policy Module – Certificate Services Policy Module supporting flexible and extensive certificate templates for NIS (C++/COM)
  • Certificate Manager – assured certificate publishing to local LDAP directory, or global CertifyID directory ADAM (C# / .Net)
  • Directory Services – LDAP directory solution – CertifyID LDAP adaptor for SQL Server or ADAM / AD.
  • OCSP – Online Certificate Status Protocol responder