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Since 1999 WISeKey has assisted communities to understand that eGovernment is about bundling security, legislation, information and communication technologies together to improve the delivery, quality and accessibility of public services built around the needs of the community. In a radical departure from the old paradigm, services are reengineered away from traditional departmental structure and redirected toward a model based upon and focused on the needs of the community. Consequently, this creates a focus on democratic accountability with greater citizen participation and community involvement. eGovernment is an integral part of the modernization of government on all levels.WISeKey is providing governments with generic and modular eGovernment solutions as their citizens and businesses are demanding better and more convenient services. The services WISeKey provide to governments improve citizen services, create efficiencies to reduce costs and improve economic competitiveness. Digital on-line services like electronic taxation returns, electronic health records, change of address updating and even electronic voting provide substantial savings while making government more helpful and efficient. Those savings are achieved through:

  • Avoidance of manual data input duplication
  • 24 hour by 7 days a week access to services without staffing costs
  • Reduction in the need to maintain distributed office outlets
  • Rapid processing and retrieval of data
  • Accuracy of data improvement through allowing the actual citizen to correct relevant fields
  • Providing citizen access to their own government’s service regardless of where they are residing or visiting in the world
  • Citizens and governments alike however, need to be sure that unauthorized users cannot tamper with records and that their confidentiality and privacy are protected
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WISeKey on-going eGovernment projects

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World eTrust MOU
World eTrust
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eGovernment solutions

CyberSecurity Solutions for Banks & Insurance

Each year banks move sensitive data to the Internet without encrypting the data and adding digital identity for their clients while each year cybercriminals become more sophisticated and able to hack these banks. Yet the one thing supposedly protecting us all hasn’t changed a bit: the way banks let users accessing them via password without using digital identification for clients and secure email and web servers. Digital Identities are used to authenticate our e-identities. Yet, some financial institutions are still not considering the risk of inadequate authentication mechanisms.
Web users can start using banks apps like WISeID with strong complex trust passwords associating their r online identity to protect sensitive banking information, business communication and encryption of cloud data to protect users personal data.
Finance services customers can use technologies like WISeID and Digital Certificates to protect their online identity and sensitive banking information.


eCitizens Platform

Governments, enterprises and citizens are no longer content with simply obtaining information from portals or downloaded forms. With WISeKey’s Identity Semantics Suite they can now do everything online with confidence and assurance that it’s legally compliant with administrative law.WISeKey’s Identity Semantics Suite covers the full identity and compliance cycle: identify, access, sign, encrypt, validate, timestamp, and archive in a legally compliant manner. The partnership of WISeKey’s Identity solutions with eGovernment platforms such as Microsoft’s Citizen Services Platform, enables local, regional and national governments to allow citizens and enterprises to identify and authenticate themselves for applications across borders and across multiple identity systems in a legally compliant manner. This partnership facilitates public services across borders and across legally accepted identity infrastructures operated by diverse public and private entities. All levels of government can deal more easily with the complexity of identity systems and identity credentials. As a result, citizens and enterprises are able to use existing or new electronic identity credentials that are legally accepted, to make transactions across borders.


Government Trust Solutions

The CertifyID Trust Center Platform is a large scale Citizen eID management solution that manages users and their credentials, like digital ids and digital certificates, for nationwide e-government services and other extensive applications. This complete Public Key Infrastructure and ID management solution supports government services 24x7x365 The CertifyID Trust Center Platform is used in a range of government and public sector applications such as:


Special Projects Solutions

WISeKey continues to partner with global leaders in both the private and public sectors. Here are some of our most recent projects and solutions:

  • 34rd America’s Cup  Oracle Team USA – WISeKey Partnership
  • WISeKeyLiber
  • AIM International
  • Hub Valenciano
  • I’m Mediterranean Hub