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WISeKey Certification

Authority Certification Practice Statement

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OISTE WISeKey Root Certification Practice Statement, version history:

File Version Effective date Modifications from previous version
WISeKey Root CPS 3.4 3.4 3 February 2021 CA Table update
WISeKey Root CPS 3.3 3.3 27 August 2020 CA Table update
WISeKey Root CPS 3.2 3.2 22 April 2020 Minor changes to improve compliance wording
WISeKey Root CPS 3.1 3.1 10 May 2019 Added Appendix B with list of CAs and CP mapping
WISeKey Root CPS 3.0 3.0 25 February 2019 New WISeKey CPS, subordinated to the OISTE CPS and in accordance with the new OISTE CP documents
OISTE WISeKey Root CPS 2.13 2.13 1 October 2018 Typo correction and other minor corrections (not relevant to practices)
OISTE WISeKey Root CPS 2.12 2.12 28 September 2018 Update of revocation practices according to Ballot SC6 of the CABF Update of validation methods according to Mozilla Policy 2.6.1

Typo correction and other minor corrections (not relevant to practices)

OISTE WISeKey Root CPS 2.11 2.11 23 May 2018 Minor changes to improve BR compliance
Corrected a typo in Fingerprint of GC Root
OISTE WISeKey Root CPS 2.10 2.10 18 April 2018 Modified to limit issuance of SSL certificates to 2 years (825 days for acceptance of previous identity validation)

Minor changes to adapt to latest BR

OISTE WISeKey Root CPS 2.9 2.9 25 July 2017 Minor changes after Webtrust assessment
OISTE WISeKey Root CPS 2.8 2.8 19 June 2017 Inclusion of new GC Root Minor changes to adapt to latest BR Minor edits on document change management procedures Minor edits certificate templates.
OISTE WISeKey Root CPS 2.6 2.6 12 November 2016 Minor changes to add support to special OIDs
OISTE WISeKey Root CPS 2.5 2.5 19 May 2016 Minor changes to match disclosed retention period to implementation Minor adjustments in certificate profiles
OISTE WISeKey Root CPS 2.4 2.4 17 August 2015 Minor changes to add support to direct subordination below GA Correction in maximum validity period of EV certificates (increased to 2 yr)
OISTE WISeKey Root CPS 2.3 2.3 24 June 2015 Included Code Signing Certificates (normal and EV), modified any relevant sections Included the certificate profiles for Code Signing Included the detailed verification methods for SSL and Code Signing certificates. Basically I extracted all controls from BR and EV requirements, as we’re supposed to do that.
OISTE WISeKey Root CPS 2.2 2.2 2 June 2015 Minor changes to address audit requirements
OISTE WISeKey Root CPS 2.1 2.1 29 May 2015 Minor changes to complete OID list for GA hierarchy and complete certificate details for the GB Policy CA
OISTE WISeKey Root CPS 2.0 2.0 01 May 2015 Major change to adopt RFC3647 and CABF compliance
OISTE WISEKEY ROOT CPS 1.1 1.1 01 December 2014 Modification on section 1.3.1 to add the new Generation B Root CA
OISTE WISEKEY ROOT CPS 1.02 1.02 05 March 2012 Modification on section 2.1.2 to add an obligation for Policy CAs to control and avoid the issuance of certificates to subordinated Certification Authorities that don’t check the ownership of the domain included in the end user certificates.
OISTE_WISEKEY_ROOT_CPS1.0.1 1.01 16 January 2007 Modification on section stating that “WISeKey hereby grants a non-exclusive and irrevocable license to all Certification Authorities, Relying Parties and other entities to reproduce, and distribute copies of the certificates issued within the OISTE WISeKey Root PKI for the purposes of providing, using and/or relying on the certificates and certification services in accordance with the provisions of this CPS.”
OISTE_WISEKEY_ROOT_CPS1.0 1.0 1 december 2005
File Version Effective date Modifications from previous version
WISeKey Qualified Issuing CA CPS(1.1) 1.1 22 April 2011 Amendments – WISeKey Qualified Issuing CA CSP
WISeKey Qualified Issuing CA CPS(1.0.1) 1.01 14 April 2009