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Geneva Blockchain Congress

January 20, 2020

Morning – Plenary

Keynote – 11.15am (20mn): The Deeptech IoT on the blockchain Platform by Carlos Moreira

Keynote – 11.35am (30mn): Trust Protocol: World Premiere by Don Tapscott

Roundtable – 12.05pm (20mn): How can Blockchain fight Illicit Trade & Counterfeiting with Don Tapscott, Kavita Gupta (Stanford University),  Alvise Giustiniani (Illicit Trade Prevention at Philip Morris International), Wang Wei (CCMY China) – Moderator: C. Moreira

Afternoon – Roundtable

Roundtables on Deep Tech Evolutions held by WISeKey SA – 2.00pm till 3.30pm and 4.30pm till 6pm

How Blockchain will impact Global DeepTech in the Future?

Moderator: Carlos Moreira


  • Mrs Elli Androulaki, Head Research Hyperledger/Cloud storage – IBM Zurich Research Laboratory;
  • Mrs Kavita Gupta, Professor Dusk Foundation Executive Chair Stanford University;
  • Mr Don Tapscott, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute;
  • Mr Wang Wei, Founding Chairman of China Mergers & Acquisitions Association (CCMA);
  • Mr Yves Froppier, Head Blockchain Development at WeCan Accelerate;
  • Mr Pedro Lopez Belmonte, Blockchain Architect at Richemont Group;
  • Mr Pascal Buchner, Chief Information Officer at IATA;
  • Mr Olivier Crochat, Directeur IC C4DT – GE, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne (EPFL) (to be confirmed) Mr Svante Jorgensen or Mr Jeppe Sanggaard, Bitcoin Schweiz AG;
  • Mr Timothy Iwata Durie, Global Innovation Director, Cartier SA Mr Bilal Idbah, Alliances & Channels Emerging Technology Cloud EMEA GTM

Roundtables on Illicit Trade & Counterfeiting held by OISTE – 2pm till 6pm

Moderator: Dourgam Kummer

2.00pm: Illicit-Trade & Counterfeiting impact in the consumer goods industry, intro to the subject by Dourgam with – Alvise Giustiniani (PMI) – Léo Daguet (Richemont) followed by a 15mn Debate – Q&A 

2.45pm: Blockchain & ID technology in the Illicit-Trade & Counterfeiting, intro to the subject by Dourgam with Laurent Audaz (MSC) – Pedro Fuentes (OISTE) followed by a 15mn Debate – Q&A

3.25pm: Blockchain Solution supporting Products/Designs ID protection, intro to the subject by Dourgam with Philippe Lucet (WeCan Protect) – Sébastien Fonti follow by a 15mn Debate – Q&A

4.00 till 4.30pm Break

4.30pm: Blockchain in the International Legal Framework for the control of Illicit-Trade and Counterfeiting, intro to the subject by Dourgam with Tobias Freeman (Siracusa International Institute) – Graham Mott (UNCTAD), Jarod Koopman (IRS-Criminal Investigation) follow by 15mn Debate – Q&A 

5.20 till 5.50pm: Use Cases of Blockchain Application in the Anti-Illicit Trade & Counterfeiting, intro to the subject by Dourgam with 

– WISeKey concrete solution for brand protection (Carlos Moreno)

– Blockchain in the Watch Industry by Christine Henke – Digital Program Manager – Vacheron Constantin and Jean-Yves Adreani – Project Manager – Panerai 

5.50pm: Conclusion by Dourgam Kummer