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Call To Action

The PanDemocracy.NET call to action: Learn from inspirational speakers participating in our WISeKey Webinars.

We the world find ourselves in an uncertain season marked by our sudden fragility. Like humans always do, our survival instincts have jumped into overdrive. We now spend most waking hours thinking, worrying and strategizing about how to combat an invisible virus that won’t go away. And when we’re not consumed with our defense, we wonder about life as we know it or, perhaps, as it once was. We’re collectively asking, What is the best response? And, Is this seismic shift the new normal? If the pandemic has illuminated anything, it has illuminated the fault lines in both national and global collaboration. But what if these fault lines are the light at the end of this unprecedented tunnel?

With the emergence of COVID19, the world is experiencing unprecedented challenges that could erase all of the 4th Industrial Revolution developments. The pandemic has profoundly impacted the ongoing digital transformation by accelerating the need for countries and individuals to start adopting digital technologies to ensure their basic well-being and future productivity. WISeKey in cooperation with leading organizations has launched a PanDemocracy Call to Action setting urgent priorities and specific commitments for organizations across Multistakeholder holders to collectively achieve these goals.

This will require all actors – governments, technology, (AI, Blockchain, IoT, Cybersecurity) health, banks, and financial institutions, international organizations, other stakeholders and development partners – working together urgently to develop concrete and specific measures and to make the contributions needed, consistent with organizational roles, to deliver on these priorities.

The PanDemocracy call to action aims to generate action from across the globe to protect citizens, workers’ income, health, and employment and support communities to survive during the COVID-19 crisis, and to work together to establish sustainable systems of social protection for more just and resilient world.