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WISeKey SEALSQ Davos Events "Humanity at the Helm: Steering the Convergence of Exponential Technologies"


  1. “How is China’s approach to AI governance and ethical standards different from Western models?”
  2. “What are the implications of China’s National AI Development Plan for global AI competitiveness?”
  3. “How does China’s massive data collection infrastructure impact AI development and privacy concerns?”
  4. “What role does AI play in China’s surveillance state apparatus, and what are the human rights considerations?”
  5. “How do international intellectual property laws affect China’s AI technology transfer and collaboration?”
  6. “What are the challenges and opportunities for foreign AI companies seeking to enter the Chinese market?”
  7. “How is the U.S.-China technology rivalry shaping the global AI landscape?”
  8. “In what ways does China’s AI educational and research ecosystem differ from those in other leading countries?”
  9. “What steps is China taking to address AI-induced unemployment and the future of work?”
  10. “How is China leveraging AI in its Belt and Road Initiative to expand its global influence?

Discussing these questions can provide insights into China’s ambitious AI strategy and the broader implications of its technological advancements on the global stage.

📢 Big announcement! 🏆

CMAA / AMAA, in collaboration with WISeKey, is proud to announce the Davos Innovation Award (2024). We will award this prestigious medal to successful entrepreneurs from all countries, including China, for their outstanding achievements in business, mergers and acquisitions, digital transformation, technology, art and finance.

These medals represent a tribute to excellence and innovation in a variety of fields. Let’s celebrate the contributions of these successful entrepreneurs at Davos 2024! 🌟 # Davos 2024 # Medal for Entrepreneurship and Innovation # CMAAAMAAWISeKey

📢 重大公告! 🏆


这些奖章代表着对各个领域卓越和创新的致敬。让我们一同在达沃斯2024庆祝这些成功企业家的杰出贡献! 🌟 #达沃斯2024 #创业创新奖章 #CMAAAMAAWISeKey

List of Recipients for the Awards:

  1. David Shrier
  2. Hossein Rahmna
  3. Daphne Kis, CEO, Worldquant University