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Trust and Security
for the Web 3.0 of everything
Davos event by WISeKey

Preparing the WISeKey Davos Event Wednesday January 18th 2023 from 3pm to 8pm CET at the Europa Hotel

This will be our 18th participation at Davos since WISeKey was nominated by the WEF as one of the founding members of the Global Growth Company community.

This year event will be focusing on Trust and Security for the Web 3.0 of everything experts will discuss recent developments to secure the state of the world through Blockchain, AI, NFT, Satelites , cybersecurity, quantum, cryptoroots, IoT technology needed to be implemented with the emergency of smart machines which are able to identify and learn from each other and evolve in their decision-making capabilities and stay ahead of threats.

We will focus on how to ensure that digital identity and Privacy becomes a basic, fundamental human right as it is an endangered right. The digital economy considers every click, search or like as an asset to be monetized. Our lives, reflected in cyberspace, are plundered for behavioral data for the sake of a system that converts our freedom into profit. We are quietly being domesticated into accepting as normal that decision rights vanish before we even know that there is a decision to make.

To register to this event and engage in discussions with our international experts, you can access our webpage at Davos

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