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Davos 2015 Cybersecurity Roundtable

During cybersecuirty‬ Roundtable, Fadi Chehadé President of ICANN strongly supported the proposed initiative to build a broad consortium to address current fragmentation in identity management and put users in a stronger position to control their identities

Prof. Thomas Andersson, Chairman of and GINI stated “In today’s fragmented world of digital identities we face a sharp trade-off between usability and security which just won’t be sustainable in the digital universe now taking shape”

Our Panelist David Fergusson, CEO of The Merger And Aquisition Advisor, described the belated response of the financial and insurance industry, but that the awareness is now taking hold that a fundamental counteraction must take hold.

Prof. Professor Radu-Popesch Zeletin of Fraunhofer Fokus described the dramatic arrival of smart devices, and lamented Europe’s present inability to take advantage of its privacy concerns, research and dynamic start-up companies in scaling an industry that is capable of responding to the outstanding issues.

Mr. ‪Jean-Manuel ROZAN‬ of ‪‎Qwant‬ described the unacceptable practices of present search methods, and that users must be offered clean services that are transparent in what the offer by way of privacy protection.