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Articles & White Papers

Secure Interoperability Secure P25 RadioFIPS140 Certification using the WISeKey VaultIC Secure Element for the
Cryptographic Module in P25 Radios
Brand Protection with
Secure NFC Technology
The combination of WISeKey’s secure NFC technology with the OpSec InSight® product tracking platform enables brands to directly connect with their customers while verifying product authenticity. Document
Solutions to prevent IoT devices to be used for DDOS attacks WISeKey is a one stop-shop PKI based solution provider that protects devices and internet against DDOS attacks, data theft, spoofing, eaves dropping and firmware modification. Document
IoT Security Solutions – Connected Objects – Root of TrustThe development of IoT, based on the collection and management of large amounts of data, can only happen if data can be trusted. To achieve this, the most important security functions to secure the Internet of Things are: authentication, secure communication, secure execution of code and secure data storage. Document
Security for Industrial PlantIn an industrial infrastructure where plants are no longer operating in a stand-alone mode but are interconnected like in a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) infrastructure, each element of the manufacturing network (e.g. IPLC, sensors, robot actuators, motors…) must be authenticated and the data must be protected. Document
Optimized and secure implementation of ROLLO-IThis paper presents WISeKey’s contribution regarding two implementations of the ROLLO-I algorithm, a code-based candidate for the NIST PQC (Post Quantum Cryptography) project. Document