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When Artificial Intelligence
Meets the Internet of Things and Cybersecurity

WISAIoT is the brain that controls the nervous system of the network of objects operating under the WISeKey Ecosystem with over 1.6 billion on devices already powered with vaultIC. This network  will only be enhanced further  with 5G technology where it will connect every object, people, and machines in a more meaningful way. With WISAIoT, AI is embedded into infrastructure components, such as Root of Trust, semiconductors, and edge computing, all interconnected with IoT networks. Specialized APIs are then used to extend interoperability between components at the device level, software level, and platform level. These units will focus primarily on optimizing system and network operations as well as extracting value from data allowing to make better business decisions AIoT, which provides intelligent decision-making, requires software code developed by the programmers to perform certain tasks WISAIoT, the next logical step of the Internet of Things, is primarily designed to work independently with no human support .  With the use of AI algorithms and predictive maintenance implemented in IIoT, IoT devices will have the capability to self-programming with analytics are make better decision-making processes.

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