WISeKey is a leading global cybersecurity company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland currently deploying large scale digital identity ecosystems with a patented process. WISeKey’s Swiss-based cryptographic Root of Trust (“RoT”) provides secure authentication and identification in both physical and virtual environments for the Internet of Things, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. The WISeKey RoT serves as a common trust anchor to ensure the integrity of online transactions among objects and between objects and people.

Multidisciplinary Global Infrastructure Engineer

Multidisciplinary Global-Infrastructure Engineer

Job role: Multidisciplinary Global Infrastructure Engineer
Department/Reporting: R&D
Working place: Europe


The Engineer provides support for various off the shelf, customized applications and enterprise wide systems while providing leadership for less experienced technical staff working to resolve complex support requests, which have been escalated for technical support. The Engineer is responsible to implement, maintain and troubleshoot all systems on the LAN/WAN, which contributes to the overall objective of the company ensuring all systems are operational and that computer users are able to do their work in an effective and efficient manner..

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Please send your application & covering letter to: Isabelle Pecharroman – ipecharroman@wisekey.com


CTO Position at WISeKey

CTO position at WISeKey

Job role: CTO at WISeKey
Working place: Geneva, Switzerland

WISeKey transformation into a major 4th Industrial Revolution platform is well underway with the launch of the WISeKey Foresight Platform ™ expanding from what originally was only a Cybersecurity IOT platform to take advantage of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, advanced analytics and blockchain on top of their business data.

The WISeKey Foresight Platform gives customers a simple way to embrace all of these 4IR technologies developed by WISeKey without compromising Trust and Security which is the DNA of the company. WISeKey has packaged its Cybersecurity and IoT technology with AI and Blockchain so instead of just helping customers embrace Microchips, PKI, IoT and AI with individual sets of products licenses WISeKey expanded Foresight to the whole spectrum of WISeKey solutions solving customers’ needs.

The scalable approach of Foresight allows customers coming from different angles and needs to benefit from the complementarity of the platform and it’s easy to use licensing model. Customers only using WISeKey for Cybersecurity solutions can now expand their use to IoT, acquire Microchips, add Blochchain and Cryptocurrency technologies, and connect to AI clouds without the need to leave the Foresight Platform or compromising their Trust Models. One of the advantages of the Foresight Platform is that is to get different elements to “talk together”. This means that the Foresight Platform can be integrated with customers’ existing systems.

The Foresight Platform can be used for various use cases in the same deployment. It can be deployed as a Next Generation IoT Platform, allowing deployment of readily off-the-shelf converged objects, allowing extension to as business requires a more sophisticated use of the Platform.

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Please send your application & covering letter to: Isabelle Pecharroman – ipecharroman@wisekey.com


Blockchain Application Engineers

WISeKey - Blockchain Application Engineers

Job role: Blockchain Application Engineer
Department: Blockchain/Security Services
Working place: Geneva, Switzerland
Experience: 4-6 years

Your Role

As an Application Developer, you will work as part of a collaborative team in designing and developing smart-contract based blockchain applications to solve real business problems. With a robust client pipeline, several proof of concepts and prototypes, and system architecture already developed, the development team will be responsible for building the business-logic application software. Each client project is unique in terms of industry focus and problem statement – and the Application Developer will be required to architect and develop complex solutions to meet these challenges.

The right candidate will have broad technology platform expertise, software skills, and a solid understanding of software development processes. This person will be part of an innovative development team and will concentrate on development in an agile environment using diverse technologies.

The Application Developer will provide valuable input to the team’s brainstorming and decision-making process, and will prioritize development activities based on the target state and roadmap.

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Please send your application & covering letter to: Isabelle Pecharroman – ipecharroman@wisekey.com

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