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The VaultIC460 is an ASSP designed to secure various systems against counterfeiting, cloning or identity theft. It is a hardware security module that can be used in many applications such as IP protection, access control or hardware protection. The proven technology used in VaultIC460 security modules is already widespread and used in national ID/health cards, e-passports, bank cards (storing user Personal Identification Number, account numbers and authentication keys among others), pay-TV access control and cell phone SIM cards (allowing the storage of subscribers’ unique ID, PIN code, and authentication to the network), where cloning must definitely be prevented. Designed to keep contents secure and avoid leaking information during code execution, the VaultIC460 include voltage, frequency and temperature detectors, illegal code execution prevention, tampering monitors and protection against side channel attacks and probing. The chips can detect tampering attempts and destroy sensitive data on such events, thus avoiding data confidentiality being compromised. Strong Authentication capability, secure storage and flexibility thanks to its various interfaces (USB, SI, I2C, ISO7816), low pin count and low power consumption are main features of the VaultIC460. Its embedded firmware provided advanced functions such as Identity-based authentication, large Cryptographic command set, various Public domain cryptographic algorithms, Cryptographic protocols, Secure Channel Protocols, Robust communication protocol.


Cryptographic Services

  • Public Key Pair Generation
  • Digital Signature
  • Encryption / Decryption
  • Message Digest
  • Key Wrapping / Unwrapping
  • HOTP One-Time Password Generation
  • True Random Number Generation

Cryptographic Algorithms

  • DES / 3DES
  • AES 128/192/256 bits
  • RSA up to 4096 bits*
  • DSA up to 2048 bits
  • ECC up to 384 bits


  • 44-QFN (RoHS compliant) 7mm x 7mm
  • 8-SOIC (RoHS compliant) 5mm x 5mm


  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Certified, USB CCID compliant
  • High Speed Slave SPI Serial Interface, INSIDE’s Proprietary Protocol
  • I²C (Two Wire Interface), INSIDE’s Proprietary Protocol
  • ISO7816 UART using T=0 or T=1 Protocols


  • 8-/16-bit RISC CPU
  • Hardware Random Number Generator
  • Hardware 3DES Crypto Accelerator (112-bits keys)
  • Hardware AES Crypto Accelerator
  • Hardware 32-bit Public Key Crypto Accelerator


  • File System 112 Kbytes
  • Write Endurance 100 Kcycles/Data Retention 10 Years
  • 2ms Program + 2ms Erase


  • FIPS 140-2 Identity-based authentication using password, Secure Channel Protocol (SCP02 / SCP03) or Microsoft® Minicard Driver strong authentication
  • Rights Management (Administrator, Approved User, Non-approved User…)
  • Embedded Dynamic FAT12 File System

Certification targeted

  • EAL4+ Ready
  • FIPS 140-2 Security Level 3
  • Microsoft CSP minidriver compliant
  • SSL support
  • PKCS#11
  • Microsoft MS-CAPI