Non Fungible Token (NFT) for Digital Identity Verification of Valuable Objects and Proof of Ownership of Digital and Tangible Asset

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Jean-Claude Biver and Carlos Moreira, CEO of WISeKey Successfully Launched the World’s First NFT Auction of a Luxury Watch

Where auctions are already soaring for works of art and intangibles, never before has a luxury watch been the subject of an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) sale.

This watch is the first luxury watch to have a digital life with certified ownership and authenticity. This digital twin will be the “authentic” double of the physical watch in the digital space. A new chapter is opening.


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Digitalization & Certification

WISeKey has added the WISe.ART NFT capability to its WISeAuthentic Platform expanding the capabilities for the most secure NFT creation and management available (, using a patented method for digital certification of authenticity of a physical object, and corresponding computer program and storage device, as well as a unique method for digital certification of the authenticity of a physical object of value.

The method includes the steps of issuing a storage device, including a digital certificate of authenticity with encrypted information that reflects at least one characteristic unique to the physical object, checking, whenever required, the validity of the digital certificate of authenticity by use of a network computer. The network computer interacts with the storage device and a validating or a certifying authority to verify in real-time the status of the validity of the digital certificate of authenticity and modify it whenever required.