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May 22-26, 2022

“Human identity has a value, which has been and will continue to be exploited unless we reverse the recent trends in technology.  Placing the power back into the hands of the humans engaging with the Metaverse will enable them to realize the true value of their identities, in ways they never thought possible.”

Date & TimeMay 22-26, 2022
Duration:2.30 hours, followed by WISeKey reception

In the WISeKey Metaverse

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Format / DescriptionThe Human Metaverse
  • Pedro Sandoval, NFT Worldwide renowned Artist
  • Mrinal Manohar, CEO CasperLabs
  • David Fergusson, Co-Creator, ‘The Code to the Metaverse’; Executive MD, Generational Equity
  • Pierre Maudet, Chief Digital Transformation Officer WISekey
  • Wang Wei,  China Metaverse , Founding Chairman of China Mergers and Acquisitions Association (CMAA)
  • Juan Antonio March Pujol, President Fundacion Onuart
  • Jared Hoskins, COO | CIO | Cybersecurity Leader at Strong Connexions
Moderated byCarlos Moreira, Founder, Chairman and CEO at WiseKey

Our Speakers

Carlos Creus MoreiraFounder, Chairman and CEO at WiseKey
Mrinal ManoharCEO CasperLabs
David FergussonExecutive Managing Director - M&A & Technology Practice Leader at Generational Equity, LLC
Pierre MaudetChief Digital Transformation Officer of WISeKey
Wang WeiFounding Chairman of China Mergers & Acquisitions Association (CCMA)
Pedro SandovalNFT Worldwide renowned Artist
Juan Antonio March PujolPresident Fundacion Onuart
Jared HoskinsCOO | CIO | Cybersecurity Leader at Strong Connexions

The WISeKey Human
Metaverse Davos Event

will showcase various security technologies enabling the authentication of digital identity based NFTs, physical objects as well as digital assets, in a safe end-to-end process. The user is in full control of its WISeID NFT and other NFTs need to request access to its identity information so WISeID NFTs users can decide by themselves what level of information they wish to share, thus keeping full control. The WISeKey approach to the Metaverse has as objective to provide safe infrastructure identity services based on blockchain technologies for a wide range of users, including individuals, corporations and government institutions. As our digital lives become increasingly digitalized, Metaverse will leverage the advantages of the internet to establish a virtual world for its users. Businesses and communities will depend on users’ digital identities to manage assets.

The WISeID second generation Digital Identities in Metaverse includes an identification module that its built into the protocol, while supplementary applications will be developed. Users will have autonomy over their identity meaning that they are in full control of their personal identification information and hence need not to rely on any central entity or third party for identity verification. With a truly NFT identity, users can create, sign and verify claims, while parties who interact with a user will be able to prove their identity. Additionally, users will be able to selectively disclose their information.

Users can establish a reputation on Metaverse through digital identities, improving the way we exchange value. Value is exchanged through digital signatures, requests for verification and transactions; these transactions then allow a user to gradually build a reputation which can be inspected and verified by other digital identities and value intermediaries. You can download your ID from

WISeKey is using Casper to power WISe.Art, its unique digital identification NFT platform for the collectible and luxury market. The new platform. CasperLabs joining AWS will further enhance the WISE.Art platform, which will run on the Casper Network to deliver the most secure and scalable blockchain back-end for creating digital twins for valuable objects. This unique approach will make it possible to mint provenance and a digital version into an NFT containing smart contracts on how the digital twin may be used. The method removes any uncertainty of what an NFT actually means to a collector by delivering authenticated digital twins.

The Casper Network is the first enterprise-grade, proof-of-stake blockchain that simultaneously offers scalability, security and decentralization. A growing number of enterprises have joined the Casper ecosystem since its main net launch in March 2021, citing its more efficient gas costs, flexible architecture and significantly reduced energy footprint as major differentiators over other blockchain protocols.

WISeKey Davos Gatherings

From 2007 WISekey has continuously gathering exports at Davos helping to define the technology agenda for a trusted human centric Internet


The Cybersecurity TechAccord

The Cybersecurity Tech Accord is a public commitment among more than 60 global companies to protect and empower civilians online and to improve the security, stability and resilience of cyberspace. The Cybersecurity TechAccord Meeting


WISeCoin – An ecosystem designed to bring security to new heights

The Individual as the Fulcrum to the Internet of Everything

WiseCoin was established to secure the Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) world, which is increasing in complexity and becoming more prone to cyber threats.

Get the latest updates about blockchain technology and projects globally. Connect with experts and blockchain based projects happening around the world.

Titled Blockchain and The Internet of Value, the gathering of global technology, finance, government, academic and media leaders was a notable feature of the Davos agenda. With a capacity audience of over 300 delegates, a panel of industry experts engaged in an interactive debate about the opportunities and challenges presented by the adoption of Blockchain technology during this time of unprecedented digital transformation.


Internet of Things

Embedding digital certificates based on WISeKey Public Key Infrastructure and OISTE Global Rootkey into NFCTrusted© tags enables consumers to interact securely with almost any IoT object or transactions in a trusted manner.

Carlos Moreira’s podcast interview with -- Deb Donig, PhD
Carlos Moreira’s podcast interview with
-- Deb Donig, PhD

Assistant Professor of English Literature
Cal Poly, SLO
P: 805-756-7187

Ethical Tech California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)

The TransHuman Code: Carlos Moreira imagines a human-centered technological future.

In this episode of the podcast, I speak with Carlos Moreira, the CEO of WISeKey. We discuss the possibilities for building a human-centered technological future today—and the consequences if we do not. What does a human-centered model for technological production look like? How can we build human rights into our tech? And what needs to change to return human values to tech?