14 07, 2016

BVLGARI VAULT APP developed by WISeKey to secure the Future

18 06, 2015

WISeKey presenting smrtcty.com at the Bloomberg Technology Conference: What happens when smart cities go wrong?

Discover more about WISeKey Smart Secure City vision on www.smrtcty.com

London, Geneva – June 18th 2015 – WISeKey announced that...

12 06, 2015

Business Case – Corporate Entrepreneur Interview by INSEAD MBA Student

Corporate Entrepreneur Interview Carlos Moreira, Founder, Chairman & CEO of WISeKey Interviewed by Roman Protasevich, INSEAD 15D class participant  
21 05, 2015

WISeKey Deploying large Scale IoT Digital Identities for Wearables with WISeID NFCTrusted© Technology

Geneva, New York – May 21, 2015 – WISeKey SA, a Swiss based leading information security and identity Management Company,...

5 02, 2015

WISeKey lanciert die WIS.Watch – der Sicherheitsschlüssel zu Ihren persönlichen Daten

WIS.WATCH ist eine technologische Revolution von WISeKey, die ein neues Zusammenspiel von Mensch und Uhr erlaubt, wodurch die Uhr der Schlüssel zum Smartphone wird. Es ist...

2 02, 2015

WISeKey launches WIS.WATCH the Trusted Key to your Data

WIS.WATCH, a revolutionary technology mutation has been created by WISeKey for a completely new way of interaction between a...

2 02, 2015

WISeKey lance WIS.Watch la clé à vos données sécurisées

WIS.WATCH, emploie une technologie révolutionnaire créée par WISeKey mettant en place une nouvelle interaction entre l’être humain et l’objet....

6 01, 2015

WISeKey among the 120 Partners in Microsoft’s Services Global Outlook Launch

GENEVA, Jan. 6 2015 – WISekey is one of approximately 120 partners worldwide, fewer than a dozen partners within...

2 12, 2014

WiseKey entrera en bourse, enfin

WiseKey entrera en bourse, enfin
Marie-Laure Chapatte @LeTemps.ch  http://bit.ly/1tHmxwU 

Carlos Moreira, fondateur et patron de WiseKey à Genève. (Eddy Mottaz)


9 10, 2014

WISeKey CyberSecurity Solutions for Banks & Insurance to protect from Cyberattack

Each year banks move sensitive data across the Internet without using digital identities to authenticate their clients, while each year...