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one team, one link, seamless interactions

WISeFans taps into a sports organization’s enormous, worldwide supporter ecosystem to deliver your own, customized content:

  • Team Blogs
  • Match Reports
  • Team Videos & Photos
  • Fan-Supported Social Campaigns
  • Twitter, Facebook & All Relevant Forums

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With WISeFans, you’ll receive the most exciting and relevant content that cuts through the noise and clutter surrounding your team. Experience real-time interaction with their favorite players, coaches, idols as well as fun digital features like which player team member you resemble the most!

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single-source username and password management

With WISeID you can to do a multitude of things in one digital ID without compromising your identity, security, confidentiality or anonymity. All your important information is encrypted and can only be accessed by you. Benefits include:

  • Swiss Military-Grade Encryption
  • Decentralized Security
  • Your Own Unique Master Password
  • Secure, private Messaging

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WISeID provides a secure, convenient encryption service to store usernames, passwords, PINs, credit cards, loyalty cards, notes, and other personal information. With WISeID, all your sensitive data is safeguarded using an AES encryption algorithm with a strong 256-bit key that stays under your control. It’s never communicated to or accessed by a third party, including us. Securely write messages and encrypt your bank accounts, credit cards, Paypal, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, among other advantages..
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brand protection and added value for consumers

WISeAuthentic is the anti-counterfeiting and sales monitoring system that provides 100% authentication for your priceless treasures. Now, luxury products can come with a non-contact, convenient, secure NFC tag.

  • Guarantees authenticity and real-time traceability of luxury items
  • Allows for the creation of a unique, certified online retail shop or certified auction platform
  • Join a VIP club online for innovative value-added services
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secure voice communications

WISePhone+ protects your mobile phone communications so you’re not vulnerable to monitoring by others. The WISePhone+ technology and system are designed to give you flexibility and peace of mind. Benefits include:

  • Secure Voice, Messaging & Data
  • Easy To Install
  • Universal Application
  • Swiss Security Technology
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single-source username and password management

WISePay offers simple and secure solutions for online mobile payments, avoiding the hassle of traveling to a shop, finding a bank or waiting in a queue. WISePay can be customized for a variety of secure mobile financial applications, like peer-to-peer money transfers, mobile ticketing, bill payment, top-up of cards, purchase of music & videos, and bank account transactions, to name just a few. Advantages include:

  • Securely encrypted data
  • Easy to use, personalized interface
  • Flexible applications
  • Universal coverage for all mobile phones