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Public Key Infrastructure (“PKI”) is a framework for creating a secure method for exchanging information based on public key cryptography. The foundation of a PKI is the Certificate Authority, which issues digital certificates that provide authenticity and trustworthiness of the Public Key. Digital certificates authenticate the identity of organizations, individuals, or assets on the Internet. WISeKey offers PKI technology for business securities, which we call PKI 1.0, to the market in a proprietary new way. WISeKey’s advantages include:

  • The ability to deploy PKI in a low-cost, easy-to-manage model.
  • The ability to leverage the installed base of Windows servers worldwide by developing a mechanism for adding a PKI on top of any Windows server after 2003.
  • The ability to leverage the tens of thousands of Microsoft partners worldwide to deploy WISeKey’s solutions.
  • The ability to adapt and tailor pricing thanks to own technology, software and operations.
  • The ability to implement non-standard PKI. For example, Digital Rights Management or mobile telephony.



SSL Certificates

These unique Server eIDs enable secure communications with users and web sites and gives all the advantages of a normal eID with additional benefits:

  • optional hardware protection assurance using a secure device for key storage;
  • web site authentication and verification for customer assurance and protection;
  • establishment of secure communication channels for data protection and enhanced data privacy;


Free Identity

Obtain your free secure email eID and start experiencing the benefits of eIDs today. This eID enables you to:

  • send signed messages thus ensuring message integrity and authenticity to your correspondents;
  • receive confidential information from any of your correspondents that only you can decrypt and read (you can send confidential information to fellow eID users);
  • increase security for your applications, replacing passwords with eID authentication protection.