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CapSeal protects against wine and spirits counterfeiting
Wine and spirits counterfeiting is a rampant and growing problem—especially in some Asian countries, where it is estimated that up to 50 percent of the wines sold may be fake. The fraudulent refilling of bottles negatively impacts the wine and spirit industry as a whole and can be especially damaging to the revenues and brand reputation of targeted labels. Ensuring continued consumer confidence is key to success for high-end wine and spirit makers.
Developed in joint collaboration between WISeKey and Selinko, the patent-pending CapSeal system helps wine and spirit makers stop bottle refilling fraud. Using a tamper-proof capsule with embedded chip, CapSeal enables consumers and dealers to verify the authenticity of bottles and its contents before purchase by scanning the label with a NFC (Near Field Communication)-enabled smartphone or device. Additionally, CapSeal allows wine and spirit makers to globally track their products and engage with consumers at the point of sale and beyond to build brand loyalty.
To date, alternative anti-counterfeiting wine and spirits solutions have been largely ineffective because counterfeiters have been able to replicate or circumvent the security features meant to deter fraud. In a cost-effective manner, CapSeal offers wine and spirit makers the only solution that is based upon Common Criteria (EAL4+) for object identification and FIPS 140-2—meaning the solution provides the same level of digital security trusted by banks, the U.S. Department of Defense and l’ANSSI in France.