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A new world of connected products are opening doors and driving revenue.

WISeAuthentic by WISeKey

With the adjusting attitudes of luxury goods owners who are now connected more than ever, WISeKey aims to provide a digital experience through security with WISeAuthentic in an industry where value is perceived through tradition, heritage and craftsmanship.

Benefits for luxury brands


Once luxury goods owners tap their contactless chip (NFC) on the back of their smartphone, regardless of whether it is embedded in the luxury good or into a SmartCard, exclusive access to the brand’s customized WISeAuthentic application and invited to register (KYC).

WISeAuthentic makes use of registration data to create accurate customer insights, thus empowering high-end brands to create long lasting relationships.


Instead of using conventional paper-based warranties, WISeAuthentic digitizes and secures them using WISeKey’s complex security architecture. On the one hand , this prevents warranty fraud. On the other hand, it allows for sellout data to be collected. As each luxury good sale is accompanied by a warranty activation, both can be recorded as the same operation for brands.

Brands benefit not only from real time notifications for each sale from the point of sale, but also from automated reports generated from sellout data to maintain visibility throughout their distribution network of authorized third party sellers.


By tracing luxury goods with the use of contactless chips (NFC), they act as the intermediary through which data about products (ownership status, service history, location, etc.) is sent to WISeKey’s secure datacenter in real time. Luxury brands are able to access this information through their very own Admin portal all while remaining GDPR compliant.

Thus, with WISeAuthentic, brands are able to gain visibility on their distribution network and control the grey market.

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Certificates of authenticity no longer have to rely on paper. Instead, WISeAuthentic uses WISeKey’s digital certificates secured and recorded in its datacenter. Digital certificates of authenticity for luxury goods are encrypted and secured as to make it unclonable, and finally embedded into the contactless chip.

When luxury goods owners tap their given contactless chip (NFC) on the back of their smartphone, WISeAuthentic cross checks the records in WISeKey’s datacenter and returns the authenticity status. Thus, within the luxury goods industry as a whole as well as the second hand luxury goods market, WISeAuthentic provides a solid proof of authenticity that is user friendly for consumers and empowers brand with strong brand protection for image and reputation.

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“Both our points of sale and owners of Hublot watches can use the chip card and reader to immediately check the authenticity of a watch via the internet. This combination provides a secure solution which is impossible to reproduce, at only a minute fraction of the cost incurred by counterfeits.” – Jean-Claude Biver, former CEO of Hublot

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“The 4th industrial revolution will inevitably modify our relationship with luxury. This is why offering to our exigent customers an intelligent solution to protect their virtual patrimony, thanks to the leading technology of our partners from WISeKey, is a moment of pride and an enriching innovative experience for us” – Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO

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“Although committed to the art of watchmaking and engineering, the brand is always looking for state-of-the-art technical solutions to achieve one goal: a happy customer. That’s why we have partnered with WISeKey with their authentication and tracking solution for our timepieces. This will allow us not only to monitor our global sales but also see the service history of any timepiece.” – Thomas Morf, former CEO of Favre-Leuba

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For more information on how to integrate WISeAuthentic with your business operations, please contact us.