“ A complete tool to protect audit traces and logs, easily integratable, generating digital evidence ”

Easy integration and safe

  • Based on web‐services (SOA ready) and Message Queues.
  • Access using digital certificates.
    Securing of evidences
  • Timestamp the traces, ensuring their notarization.
  • System of integrity using linked hashes.
    Viewing traces
  • Web console for administrators and audit console for auditors, with strong authentication mechanism using digital certificates.


The legal guarantee of business transactions

With the shifting of business processes to the online world, it is crucial to generate secured audit trails that ensure a traceability admissible as Digital Evidence in a legal process, providing support to the business and applicable regulatory compliance.


CID Secure Log Keeper allows the secured storage of audit traces, logs and tracks of the business processes of your company; creating, storing and validating digital guarantors proofs of the actions carried out in the involved Information Systems.

Protection of the Audit Traces.
Each trace is stored in a secured manner, with controls of integrity and confidentiality, guaranteeing in this way the Custody Chain of digital evidence.

Visualization of the Audit Traces.
Auditors and administrators can perform search criteria of the logs that are accessible in a console accessible securely via the web.

Validation of the Audit Traces.
Provision of a system that verifies the integrity and confidentiality of the traces.