About WISeKey QuoVadis

WISeKey QuoVadis

QuoVadis is WISeKey’s brand for Managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) providing proven cloud services for digital certificates, eID, and electronic signatures.

Founded in 1999, QuoVadis is a highly-respected player in the Managed PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and electronic signature business, with operations in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Bermuda. Joining WISeKey’s legacy PKI business, QuoVadis brings a strong operations team, expertise in developing innovative certificate management and e-signature solutions, high performing sales and operations teams in important European markets.

Benefits of WISeKey QuoVadis

Comprehensive Offering

Fulfil all your PKI needs from one CA, from TLS/SSL to personal certificates for authentication, encryption, and signature.

Integration for Automation

Extensive API support allows fast integration and automation into customer and partner systems.

Worry Free

QuoVadis operations expertise with complex PKI technologies means you can focus on delivering your use case.

Focus on Use Case

A broad partner network covering important use cases like document management, e-invoicing, SMIME, etc.


QuoVadis operations are audited and accredited to leading industry standards including WebTrust and ETSI.

European Specialist

QuoVadis has operations in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, and Bermuda with a focus on support for multinational organisations.

Qualified Trust Service Provider

QuoVadis is accredited as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (TSP) to issue Qualified Certificates for electronic signatures (for natural persons), electronic seals (for legal entities), and for website authentication (TLS/SSL).

Qualified TSPs like QuoVadis play a key role in eID and electronic transactions in the European Union. With over 10 years as a Qualified provider, QuoVadis has the experience in issuing Qualified certificates both to individuals and to members of groups (such as employees) or communities (such as vendors making online government filings).

See the EU Trusted List (EUTL): LINK

QuoVadis is an issuer under the Netherlands Government PKIoverheid programme. QuoVadis is also accredited as a ZertES Qualified and SuisseID issuer in Switzerland.

About eIDAS

eIDAS is the common name for EU Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 which established updated eID and trust services for electronic transactions in the European Union. Accredited TSPs like QuoVadis increase interoperability and legal certainty in cross-border online transactions fostering a “digital single market” in the EU.

QuoVadis Managed PKI

TrustLink Certificate Lifecycle Management

QuoVadis is WISeKey’s brand for Managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). QuoVadis TrustLink provides frictionless certificate lifecycle management for large enterprises by consolidating tasks for the management, approval, reporting, and issuance of digital certificates in one cloud service. Trustlink provides enterprise-class PKI at a reliable cost, with no investment in CA infrastructure or operations.

Simple Cloud Management for All Certificate Types

  • Standard TLS/SSL
  • Extended Validation TLS/SSL
  • Wildcard Certificates
  • Client Certificates
  • Code Signing
  • Document Signing
  • Custom CA
  • Custom Profiles
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • IGTF / Academic Grid

Customised to Enterprise Needs

The TrustLink PKI management platform can be tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

  • Secure access control
  • Delegated administration
  • Permissions by role, certificate type, or group
  • Approval and issuance workflow options
  • Domain and Organisation pre-approvals
  • Custom certificate templates
  • Renewal notifications
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Public or Private/Custom CAs

Web Services for Fast Integration

TrustLink web services facilitate the integration of the QuoVadis Managed PKI into underlying software solutions used by our enterprise customers.

  • TLS/SSL autoenroll and install
  • Windows AD autoenroll
  • SMIME including email gateways CMP and CMC
  • BYOD using SCEP
  • Smartcard autoenroll

Electronic Signatures for Trust

QuoVadis is a Qualified Trust Service Provider (TSP) providing digital certificates and platforms for electronic signatures (for natural persons) and seals (for legal entities).

  • Adobe Acrobat Trust List
  • EU Trusted List

PrimoSign Engine

Allows Service Providers to embed QuoVadis certificates and signing in their own web application, while maintaining full control over the User Experience.

  • Preserves privacy – document processing occurs at Service Providers
  • Signing from any device: reduces support burden and user error
  • Integration with REST APIs in just a few simple steps
  • Provides full electronic signature capability without the need for Service Providers to take on cost and operational overhead of running a PKI
  • eIDAS-ready and certified to the CEN TS 419 241
  • Customized options for PDFs including visual signing blocks, multiple signatures, and LTV
  • Compliant with open signature standards such as Cloud Signature Consortium

PrimoSign Seal

Cloud-based service for mass signing tasks like e-archiving and e-invoicing.

  • Integration with REST APIs in just a few simple steps
  • Preserves privacy – document processing occurs at customer
  • Support for eIDAS electronic seals (sinatures for legal entities)

Trusted Time Stamping

QuoVadis operates Qualified time stamping authorities for high volume signing tasks. Combines accurate time with tamperproof digital signature to enhance the data integrity of an electronic record.

  • Compliant with RFC 3161
  • Independently audited to international standards (including CEN TS 319.422)