The World Economic Forum’s Community of Global Growth Companies (GGC) was formed in 2007 to engage dynamic high-growth companies with the potential to be tomorrow’s industry leaders and to become a driving force of economic and social change.

t10-1WISekey is emerging as the global leader on Digital Identification and Trusted Secure Electronic Transactions over the Internet, and has been nominated again as a World Economic Forum Global Growth Company.

“We are honored that the World Economic Forum has again nominated WISeKey as a Global Growth Company this year. This nomination is the recognition that WISeKey is making a profound contribution to securing the Net and to allowing hundreds of million of users equipped with WISeKey technologies to perform highly secure electronic transactions over the Internet” said Carlos Moreira, founder and CEO of WISeKey. “This recognition is also proof that Geneva, Switzerland is emerging as one of the hottest places in the world to start and develop a tech company”.

WISekey’s excels at knowing the digital identification and transaction market, staying close to customers, and having a mechanism in place to make an impact on the broader world, acting as a disruptive technology that improves all kinds of trusted data exchanges that will be able to contribute to the Web and Internet infrastructures over the long term.

WISeKey is attending the “Summer Davos” in Asia, the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2010 Tianjin, People’s Republic of China 13-15 September 2010.