During the Forum with the presence of President Bill Clinton and several personalities from public and private sector working on sustainable development, Carlos Moreira launched a new initiative as part of an ongoing drive to boost internet awareness to reduce carbon offsets.

The initiatives were agreed at a ground-breaking forum organized by Mario Garnero and the United Nations Association of Brazil in New York bringing together governors, business leaders, celebrities and government representatives to link up potential future partners.

The forum marked the start of top-level meetings in the framework of Sustainable Development. Speaking at the opening of the forum, President Bill Clinton emphasized the need to move to action and to develop concrete initiatives as essential element for a favorable environment for sustainable development. is a Social network designed to use the Internet and Digital Identification for assisting in the offsetting of carbon footprints with the final objective to support greenhouse gas reduction projects and hasten the transition to a clean energy future. The Internet is a great place to reduce carbon offsets as can be more efficient than any other measures allowing an individual to help to assist on the fight against global warming, while reducing the same or more carbon dioxide emissions.

Via users can purchase a digital renewable energy certificates (WISeKey Digital Certificate) which will allow users to demonstrate during all their internet transactions, emails, and web sites that they are contributing to reduce Carbon offsets allowing to take urgent actions on global warming. This digital certificate will be become very visible and will be promoted a series of VIP; Celebrities and major personalities around the world. The digital renewable energy certificates will also be visible in all web sites of all companies participating. includes a High Trusted Social Network Platform developed by WISekey and OISTE which includes a high-level, digital identity verification solution, designed specifically to authenticate that persons are who they say they are, to verify the user’s identity and to provide a safer virtual environment for people to network in.

Welcome to Social Network, a Global Initiative launched at the II Sustainable Development Forum in NY in May 2008 for the offsetting of carbon footprints. »Read more …