eduWISeKey believes that offering our technology to benefit philanthropic causes is at once both good business and part of the lifeblood of our competitiveness.  We at WISeKey look at charitable sharing and giving in the same way that we view education: it is an investment for the economy and the future.


mobileOf the seven billion people who use mobile phones, only one billion are active consumers of mobile applications. It makes business sense to invest in the other six billion people in the world, who will become our preferred clients in the future. We enjoy pursuing philanthropy of this type, not just because it makes us feel good, but because we believe our investment helps to create skilled workers, new consumers, and ultimately a positive impact on our own revenue.

earthWISeKey advocates corporate responsibility and philanthropy. We recommend that our clients and partners make smart, strategic decisions when making charitable contributions and it is important to align corporate missions and values, as the results may produce longer-lasting dividends for everyone involved.


socialWISeKey is dedicated to supporting the goal of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) – to effectively confront the world’s most pressing problems – and has committed to building a platform for mobile payments, bringing banking to the unbanked populations of poorer countries, as well as building communities through facilitated communications.  WISeKey’s drive in this field has also allowed individuals, enterprises and governments to access information, and secure services, such as eLearning, eHealth, eTravel, eGovernment and mobile transactions in a secure and flexible enhanced social network.


This year:

WISeKey releases WISeID Personal© to Support its CGI Commitment to Provide One Billion Digital Identities by 2015 while reducing poverty by monetizing active eyeballs. Read more >>


  • WISeKey offered WISePay, the mobile payment solution, at the CGI in September.  Read more>>> 
  • Also announced during the CGI, Microsoft and WISeKey have collaborated to build a Citizen Services Platform (CSP) for the Biscay government, allowing their citizens to simply and securely access all of the services and tools offered. Read more on the CSP >

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