Project Description

Internet fraud, spam and phishing are an increasing burden on corporate and individual users alike, and significantly increase the risk and cost of doing business electronically.
Technology-centric user identification is not enough. Trusted authentication is key in enabling secure digital transactions of any kind.


CertifyID BlackBox™ 2008 / TrustCenter 2008

The CertifyID Suite provides the functionality to cost-effectively issue and manage universally trusted digital certificates for secure email, digital signatures, secure servers and access control. It can be integrated with Windows OCSP server to enable secure web-based electronic documents and transactions validating certificate status through OCSP. Certificates can be published and distributed to Active Directory.

The TrustCenter provides all the necessary components to put a Trusted Certificate Authority based on the Windows Certificate Authority. This solution elevates the value of transactions and documents through integrity, authenticity, confidentiality, access control and non repudiation.