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Embedded World 2020

February 25-27

Join us at Embedded World 2020,  25 – 27 February in Nuremberg, Germany, where we shall offer unique insights on Cybersecity for IoT devices and Brand Enhancement.

Our integrated vertical trusted platform combines a range of chips with software applications that cater to our customers’ security and business needs. The software includes solutions and services developed by the company such as, Root-of-Trust and Public Key Infrastructure (“PKI”). These solutions are offered as standalone products, as well as fully integrated Vertical Trusted Platform that enables WISeKey clients to manage their digital identity, information, and communications in a seamless process housed by complementary technology and products.

Our world’s first Secure IoT BLE Beacon device, will be showing outstanding battery life time , with no compromise on Security . The Secure implementation is allowing Replay attack protection ; Device Clone protection , VaultIC Absence detection, Revokation capability, Measurement Validity check and True temperature display, targeted applications are (among others) in the industrial domain : Cold chain monitoring, heath care, Secure Asset tracking and Factory Automation.

Our new NanoSealRT Near Field Communication (NFC) secure element  allows any object to authenticate itself  online. By combining in tiny tags original innovative features such as an Android & iOS 12 compatible authentication algorithm, tamper/opening detection and efficient radio communication, WISeKey’s NanoSealRT is able to enhance goods traceability and brand-to-consumer direct reach

Please come and visit us at the WISeKey corner of the Ineltek booth, 1-434.